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Watch our video case study to see how we helped Johnstone Insurance to improve their IT solutions and IT support services.

The HBP Group

About Johnstone Insurance

Johnstone Insurance brokers are based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire and provide a wide range of commercial insurance to small and medium sized businesses. They help their clients by understanding their risks, matching them to a suitable product and helping them if things do go wrong.

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The Reason For Working With The HBP Group

The largest change has been actually IT and how that impacts on our business. Essentially if the Internet goes down, or if our systems fail, there’s not a lot we can do these days -it’s that important to us. We knew for quite some time that we needed to do something with our IT because we could see that it was everything was creaking. We knew HBP and said “this is us this and is what this is what we’d like to look like” can you give us some help?
Chris Harper, Johnstone Insurance

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The Solution

We changed everything and of course appointed HBP to support us going forward. The best thing is when somebody rings me in my office and says “this isn’t working” I just say “ring HBP”. That is absolutely the best thing having reliable support.
Chris Harper, Johnstone Insurance

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It gives me a lot of peace of mind. You guys they speak normal language, not computer speak, and it’s always been dealt with quickly, pleasantly and we get thing sorted out quickly.
Chris Harper, Johnstone Insurance

Helping You Choose The Right IT Solution For Your Business

Our Free IT Strategy Review Is The Place To Start

Our IT strategy reviews can take place over video voice call, video call or in person and will establish the most important things about your business, your current IT system and you future plans.

From this initial discussion we can make recommendations, including a visual diagram of your existing, and planned IT system, along with detailed explanations of your proposed solution. It takes around 30-45 mins to have an initial chat and it’s completely free!

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