A Proactive Approach to Cyber Security and IT

Watch our video case study to see how we helped Advantage Finance with their proactive IT solutions (PEM) and cyber security strategy.

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About Advantage Finance

Advantage Finance provide finance for car loans for used cars and and focus on the non-prime or lower prime markets covering mostly family cars for people who may be in part-time work but need a car for work and have been in business since 1999.

In terms of loan applications, Advantage Finance processed over 1.4 million in 2020 and now have over 170 staff working for them.

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The Reason For Working With The HBP Group

So as we grew as a company the IT side of things grew as well, but it was clear to us we needed some help. We wanted to have someone that would understand what Advantage was about, to understand that we didn’t want to pass everything over to them to manage, but to work alongside us.

Although we do everything ourselves we need help. Users call us in our own company for a help but we don’t know the answers to everything. The fact that we can ring the help desk and speak to a particular person (Oliver), what I like about that is that you’re not having to repeat things so Oliver knows us
he understands the network.
Mike Walker, IT Infrastructure Director at Advantage Finance

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The Solution

One of the main areas that we’re quite often reviewing is is the arena of cyber security. We’ve got a massive responsibility with customer’s data, customer’s finance agreements. we’ve got a huge responsibility to staff to protect them and we also got a huge responsibility to the business.

Advantage, as a business with the support of HBP, the investments we’ve made all the hardware that’s been installed do prevent them attacks and that is oneof the key things that we’ve done over the years with HBP.
Nick Greenside, IT Operations Director at Advantage Finance.

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We don’t want to be waiting hours days for someone to get back to us we want someone to say
“Don’t panic, I’ll sort it.”
Mike Walker, IT Infrastructure Director at Advantage Finance

Helping You Choose The Right IT Solution For Your Business

Our Free IT Strategy Review Is The Place To Start

Our IT strategy reviews can take place over video voice call, video call or in person and will establish the most important things about your business, your current IT system and you future plans.

From this initial discussion we can make recommendations, including a visual diagram of your existing, and planned IT system, along with detailed explanations of your proposed solution. It takes around 30-45 mins to have an initial chat and it’s completely free!

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