What is the “modern workplace” and how can it help you?

The modern workplace is a term that can be difficult to understand and covers a wide range of solutions. In this article we explain what it is, provide some examples and explain how we can help you adopt the approach in your business.

The term “modern workplace” is a phrase championed by Microsoft, promoting modern ways of working through the effective use of technology. Whilst this concept encompasses a wide range of software solutions and technology, it has become synonymous with Microsoft 365 and making better use of the wide range of solutions within it.

Whilst the possibilities are fairly endless, a simple way to consider how the modern workplace could benefit your business is to think about a process which needs updating or revamping. A typical one is the use of paper within an organisation.

  • Is there lots of printing taking place?
  • Is there a lot of paper and very little technology?
  • Are processes slow and prone to error?
  • Is the data flowing around your business being captured for reporting purposes?

If any of these resonate with you then looking further into how a modern workplace approach could help your business would be wise. There could be time and cost savings, not to mention the value of the data that isn’t currently being captured in your organisation.

So how can The HBP Group help with the modern workplace?

Don’t worry, we’ve got exactly who you need… Rich Bulmer!

Rich joined The HBP Group in 2022 after over 32 years working for the local council. During the last 15 years in that role, he spent his time ensuring that each department in the council was using technology in way that benefited the organisation, streamlined processes and brought data together in a single location for insightful reporting. The vast majority of this was done via Microsoft 365 applications such as SharePoint, PowerApps and Power BI.

Luckily for us (and our customers) Rich was ready to make the switch into the world of SMEs where has already began carrying our strategic reviews for our customers, looking at ways of solving problems they’ve got, or helping them uncover the source of their issues.

“I’ve probably had the hardest scenario possible working at the council,” explained Rich, “and because SMEs are so much more agile, they can adapt and fix their problems much, much quicker. The biggest part of the solution is always finding the cause. This is often people printing information they don’t need to, people carrying out their jobs but not recording the relevant information or just an entire lack of process.”

Rich’s role is to help The HBP Group’s customers undercover the issues they have and find technology solutions to them. In most cases this is possible by using Microsoft 365 licences which the business is already paying for, but not utilising.

“We’ve worked recently with some customers where a simple app and better use of SharePoint solved huge issues. Using PowerApp we are able to create a mobile app which can do something simple like take product photos and store them against an order and then using SharePoint store them in a structured and searchable way.”


What can a “modern workplace” achieve?

Rich has worked with numerous different challenges both at the council and in his time at The HBP Group and the following a list of common challenges organisation have raised with him where they feel they could do better:

  • There is a lot of printing taking place and they don’t know why
  • Their internal processes are not as efficient as they could be but they don’t know how to fix them
  • People want to use SharePoint more, but their current system setup is very basic
  • Microsoft 365 is only used for email, Word and Excel but now they want to get more from their subscription, they just don’t know how to use it
  • They are concerned about the security of their data and aren’t sure where it is all stored
  • A lot of data is currently held on-premise and they would like to move it to the Cloud to help with accessibility
  • They want to improve communication within the business
  • They want to fully embrace a “modern workplace” approach but don’t know how!


How can you implement a “modern workplace”?

If you’re interested find out how we can help, then we provide completely free consultations to help understand your issues and how technology could solve them.

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