What is MRP Software?

The acronym MRP officially stands for Materials Requirements Planning, but both the acronym and the full name provide little information to what it really does today, especially in the world of business software.

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mrp and manufacturing software

MRP, Manufacturing Requirements Planning or Manufacturing Resources Planning?

Major changes in both software development and IT infrastructure have led to MRP software systems being able to manage virtually every area of business process required by a manufacturer. This includes everything from sales (CRM), quoting, purchasing, invoices, stock management, scheduling, HR, payroll and accounts.

Some MRP and ERP systems still rely on external software packages to carry out some of these tasks, for example with accounting processes which rely on small business accounting solutions such as Xero, Quickbooks or Sage. However, more complete systems, such as Advanced Business Cloud Essentials, offer the complete functionality, including accounting, in a single system.

For businesses using larger ERP systems, such as SAP, Netsuite or Microsoft Dynamics, MRP modules can often be added specifically for manufacturers who can then integrate all data and functionality through both the ERP and MRP software.

mrp and manufacturing software

What are the benefits of MRP?

The key benefit of having a single system managing your processes from start to finish is the sheer level of detail your reports can provide you with in real time, allowing you to make great decisions about your business.

For example, profitability can be analysed by each product you manufacture, allowing you to identify products with high and low margin and take the necessary action to maximise your profit opportunities.

Time saving is another key benefit as information flows through the system it reduces the need for data to be re-entered, printed out and, potentially, re-entered again. This can saves hours, or even days, every week which can either reduce your overall overheads or allow staff to focus on growing your business.

mrp and manufacturing software

Why do businesses use MRP?

Businesses who move to an MRP solution for the first time do so generally for one of three reasons:

1) The complexity of current systems has caused issues with late deliveries, unhappy customers and increased stress throughout the business

2) The current systems are unable to provide accurate information about the businesses performance which is hindering growth or causing financial issues

3) The business wants to drive forward by using technology better, often after a new owner or management team is put in place, and see MRP as a key part of this strategy

The HBP GroupWho Are We?

Our organisation consists of three companies; HBP Systems Ltd. Kamarin Computers Ltd and Jugo Systems. HBP are based in Lincolnshire, Kamarin in Cambridgeshire and Jugo in Hampshire. Between us we cover the vast majority of the UK and work under The HBP Group name to provide a seamless service between our northern and southern offices.

We specialise in providing Cloud MRP software solutions which help manufacturers increase efficiency, reduce waste, delight customers, improve reporting and give them the time to focus on running their own business.

mrp and manufacturing software
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