Word Training Course

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What’s included in the Word training course?

Price: £500 for half day for a maximum of 8 people, or £795 for full day.
Tailored Training: Covering intermediate or advanced training, bespoke to your business.
Time: Available as a half day or full day remote workshop.

There are few people who aren’t familiar with Microsoft Word in some capacity; you may have never used it, or know some of the very basics, but you’ll have no doubt received a Word document for review at some point in the workplace. Knowing how to use Word is a powerful asset to your teams; it can support them in creating reports, proposals, guides and other important documents, but it can feel confusing to use when you’re not sure what you’re doing, which means it can take twice as long as it should to perform tasks, if they get completed at all.

Our Word courses are tailored to meet your specific needs, taking you through all the features of Word you require, often focussing on specific business requirements. Helping your teams perform tasks much faster and with a lot more ease.

Course content includes:

Word Foundation

  • Know how to create a new Word document so you can get started on your new files
  • Understand how to correctly use fonts and paragraphs so you can effectively format
  • Headers and footers, bullet points and borders and shading to enhance documents
  • Understand the clipboard (copy, cut and paste) so you can add copied text
  • Learn how to devise a specific document that is required by you

Word Intermediate

  • Know how to insert tables, quick parts and building blocks to help effectively separate text/data visually
  • Effectively use styles to standardise text for easier and enhanced formatting
  • Understand how to insert references and bibliographies
  • Mail merge and email merge so you can create documents, such as letters, envelopes, or labels, that are personalised for each recipient
  • Be aware of the features of track changes for reviewing documents and tracking changes made by others
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