Microsoft Office Visual Nov 21 Updates

(and how to change them)
In November 2021 Microst have rolled out some visual changes to Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook, Word and Excel which have caused some confusion amounst users who have been unable to find some of the items that they use on a regular basis.

The new layout follows the style  recently released in Microsoft Windows 11 with many  menu items slightly redesigned. However, Microsoft has also removed features which were used on a regular basis by some users such as the Quick Access Toolbar, but this can be easily reinstated with our guide below.

We’ve also been asked by some users to revert back to the “old” layout and design, which can also be done, albeit temporarily.

Keep reading for some simple instructions on how to complete each change…

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Reinstate the Quick Access Bar to Microsoft Outlook

The Quick Access Bar includes icons which usually appear in the top left of the window with a few common tasks which can be customised by each user.

In the latest update this bar disappears but it can be re-added by going to:

File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar and ticking the box at the bottom, then specifying whether its above or below.

Reinstate Quick Access

Return to the “Old” Microsoft Office Style

If you really don’t like the new look, you can temporarily disable it by going into Word or Excel, clicking the “Upcoming Features” button (shown in the picture) in the top right and then toggling off “Try the new experience.”

This won’t be permanent however (the option in Outlook has already gone!) and Microsoft will end up forcing this update across all Office products shortly.

Old Microsoft Office Style

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