Discover If Exchequer Mobile A Good Fit For Your Business?

When on the move it can be crucial you have access to your business information. You may need to check your current stock for a customer while visiting them onsite, authorise an order while you are travelling or email a copy of an invoice due to a customer query. Exchequer Mobile allows you access all of this information and more on the go.

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Who Can Use Exchequer Mobile?

Exchequer Mobile is for customers who need a clear view of expenses and invoices when they are out of the office. Exchequer Mobile is designed to enable non-finance users to get sight of financial data instantly and enable them to self serve reducing the burden on finance teams.

Exchequer Mobile is designed from the ground up to go hand in hand with your current Exchequer solution, providing a range of services to help you be more efficient. Its modular design means you can switch on just the functionality you need and put information where it matters and cater it for each of your departments.

Key Features

Enable non-finance teams to self serve

Allows finance teams more time to focus on finance tasks by allowing business to self service

Enable remote access to Exchequer data

Allows you to log in and see your business data, whenever and wherever you need it.

Enable remote reporting

Give users access to personalised ‘my reports’; distributing management information is made even easier.

Build a structured authorisation workflow for your business

Enable your business to add transactions and expenses via the app and immediately improve your approval process

Use the mobile app, desktop or browser version

Whatever the need, your users will be able to use their iphone, android, desktop or web browser

Reduce your paper trail with document management enabled software

Integration with Advanced’s V1 document management solution enables you to fully automate your workflow

Exchequer Mobile is available in four different versions; Mobile, Mobile Plus, Mobile Premium and Mobile Unlimited. Designed to suit organisations of all sizes and complexity, these options enabling you to scale the solution as you grow. So you don’t have to worry about scaling up as your business and finance team grows. Standard Exchequer Mobile is perfect for businesses starting out with this mobile accounts solution but there is a range of options available to suit the level of transactions your business needs.

Why not head to our dedicated Exchequer Mobile page to find out more about the product.

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