How To Create A Reduced Rate Of VAT For Hospitality Using Sage 200

VAT rates for businesses in the hospitality sector have now been increased to 12.5%.

Here’s our guide to show you how to alter VAT rates within Sage 200.


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vat for sage 200
You may find that you need additional VAT rates to the defaults supplied within Sage 200.

Depending on what you buy and sell you may need to create a reduced rate of VAT for items you buy and sell.

These are maintained within Accounting System Manager > Settings > VAT Rates.

To create a new VAT rate:

1) Click Add to add a new row on the table.

2) Enter a unique code and name.

This name appears throughout Sage 200, so make sure that the name adequately describes your new VAT rate.

3) Select the VAT Return box as you want to include the value of VAT accumulated under this code in the VAT Return.

4) EC Terms set to Not Applicable

5) % – 12.5

6) Input / Output code – This is defaults to the nominal accounts specified for VAT in the Default Nominal Accounts.

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You have now successfully created a new VAT rate to use.

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