Exchequer Update: Version 13

Increased visibility, easier access and functionality that will truly benefit your finance team.

Our latest update, Exchequer Version 13 contains enhanced lists, upgraded user management, and grouped transactions. All with your finance team in mind to to help you work smarter.

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The Breakdown:

A release shaped by it’s users

Exchequer Version 13 isn’t a release to miss, as Advanced has spent time and effort responding to demands from customers who have ultimately helped to shape the solution.

Improved ease of use

Finance professionals want to spend less time on manual input so they can focus on value-adding tasks. The latest release of Exchequer introduces a number of enhanced lists, enabling you to sort columns, filter ascending or descending, apply multi-selection, add new columns including configured field columns which allow your finance team to work in their own way and increase productivity.

Approval history screen

Integration with the Advanced mobile application continues to grow, Exchequer Version 13 now includes a mobile approval history screen to show you colour coded approval stages, dates, and the ability to add notes to each stage of the transaction.

Increased accessibility

The majority of users have been eager to see more accessibility improvements, including the ability to add users across multiple companies at once. They have also added a delete option, this will only appear for users who hold a system password to ensure incorrect deletions are avoided. Using this functionality will enable finance professionals to work smarter and at pace.

Supports domestic reverse charge (DRC)

The latest release also supports those business positioned in the construction sector who are expecting changes with regards to the domestic reverse charge, coming into place March 2021.

Postponed VAT –

By now, HMRC should have communicated to all UK VAT-Registered Businesses to explain the changes and give you guidance on what you need to do. More information can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/transition.
If we could ask that you please let us know if you need to comply with the new rules and wish to use Postponed VAT Accounting so that we, as your software provider, can ensure that we can prepare and arrange with you for any necessary software upgrades that are required.

For further help and advice please contact your account management or our software support team.

Contact 0800 0433 106 info@thehbpgroup.co.uk