Sage 200 Versions

Your handy guide to Sage 200 Professional versions. Because there's bi-annual updates, it's good to know where you stand with versions and support.
Sage 200 Professional 2024 R 2 Hero 2

Unlock the full potential of your business: save time, increase accuracy and drive growth.
Pegasus CIS V5 - Guide to Enhancements

On Wednesday 6 March, chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his spring budget, only three and a half months after his autumn statement.
Exchequer End of Life

Following Advanced's announcement, lots of people are wondering if that means it's end of life. We look at what extended support means and if it's the...
stock for orders sage 200

In Sage 200, There are three ways that you can allocate stock when using the From Stock fulfilment method. We tell you how...

Advanced announces their decision to reduce the ongoing investment in Exchequer’s development and move the product into extended support. That certa...
Analyse, Group and Pivot Data on Lists

In Sage 200, you can amend your purchase orders where you need to correct certain bits of information. Find out how in our latest blog.
Bank Feeds Service Changes in Sage 50 and 200

Ahead of changes, Sage are encouraging customers to do their bank migration as soon as possible. All of the feeds outlined will be disabled by 30 Nove...
How To Allocate How To Allocate Purchase Orders To Projects in Sage 200

In Sage 200, you can allocate items on your purchase orders to your projects. You do this by entering details of relevant project and project item in ...