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Tired of struggling to accurately report on your financials? Pegasus XRL allows you to seamlessly link your Opera 3 financial information with Excel.
How to Amend an Invoice on Sage 200

Occasionally, you'll create an invoice and you'll need to amend some of the details within in. Well, here are the steps to do just that.
4 Things To Consider When Switching Accounts Software 2

Switching accounts software is no quick decision for any businesses, but when you've outgrown your system, or it's holding you back because of limited...
Create and Amend Invoices on Sage 200 2

Entering direct invoices on Sage 200 is simple and takes only a few steps. We look at exactly what direct invoices are and the steps for entering them...

It's that time of year again; it's time to perform the financial year end procedure in your Pegasus Opera 3 accounts. Use our short guide to help you ...

Our short guide below goes through the individual steps to take in order to run and complete the financial year end in the system.

Time to run financial year end in your Sage 200 accounts system? Our guide covers about the year end, what to do before you begin, performing year end...

When you come to the end of your financial year, you run the year end routine in Sage 50 Accounts in order to close your current financial year and to...
How to Complete Your Payroll Year End in Pegasus Opera 3

Watch our recorded webinar, where we'll take you through how to complete your Payroll Year End in Pegasus Opera 3.