Why Move To The Cloud?

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK the number of people who have begun to work from home has increased dramatically and as a result cloud based solutions such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams have rocketed in popularity.

But if you haven’t made the leap into the world of Cloud IT then we’ve put together five reasons why you should consider it…

  • Flexible Working
  • Staff Love It
  • Business Continuity
  • Easier Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Reduced Costs

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Top 5 Reasons you should move to the cloud

1. Flexible Working

Cloud IT solutions make flexible working a breeze. Staff can access your IT system, including their data and applications, from anywhere with an internet connection including your office and their home.
This allows you to have a much more flexible approach to how people work, ensuring that you maximise the efficiency you get from your team, wherever they are.

2. Staff Love It!

The vast majority of staff want to be able to get their job done and to do it well. IT issues and restrictions are just a barrier to achieving that, so allowing them to work from anywhere with ease and without the fear of IT issues makes this easier for everyone.
You will no doubt come up against this approach for other companies who are able to offer more flexible arrangements to staff and you may end up losing. On the flip side though, if you could allow staff to work from anywhere not only could you keep them but you could also attract new staff easier than ever before.

3.Business Continuity

If something terrible happens that impacts your ability to work from the office (flood, fire, internet outage, global pandemic etc.) then a Cloud IT solution make it simple for people to work from home, keeping your business running regardless of the situation.
Cloud based back ups and cyber security solutions also help to recover any data that may have been lost if required, whilst also keeping every device being used for company work safe and secure.

4. Easier Upgrades and Maintenance

Because your IT equipment is hosted in a data centre, your IT company (hopefully us in the future!) won’t need to visit your office to carry out maintenance tasks or support services.
This not only helps reduce the amount of travel time required before a problem can be addressed but also means that work can be carried out at times to suit your business.

5. Reduced Costs

When you consider the long term costs of an IT network then Cloud IT solutions are almost always the most cost effective solution. Not only that but because changes to a Cloud based IT system are carried out as and when they are needed, as opposed to replacing entire servers, your costs will be both predictable and manageable.

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