Q&A Functionality Added To Microsoft Teams Meetings

At the end of July Microsoft added the Q&A functionality as an option for all meetings and webinars. Previously, this functionality was online available as a separate application, but now can be easily turned on through the meeting options within Teams.

The Q&A functionality is an excellent way to manage responses and queries from attendees, allowing you to answer questions privately, track and organise questions and deal with them much easier than through the chat functionality.

Microsoft Teams Q&A

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How do Q&As work in Microsoft Teams?

To enable the Q&A functionality within a meeting you will need to turn the Q&A option in your meeting settings. This can be access by clicking the three dots in the top right of an existing meeting and choosing “Meeting Options” from there you can screen down and turn “Enable Q&A” on.

Microsoft Teams Q&A Screenshot


Once on attendees will be able to see a new Q&A icon in their menu bar which they will be able to use to ask the presenter questions. To encourgae people to use this icon Microsoft have created the below image which they encourage you to edit and share with your attendees.

Microsoft Teams Q&A Screenshot


Organisers and presenters are able to answer questions publically or privately, as well as being able to close messages to prevent further respones, delete duplicate questions and filter questions between all questions, unanswered questions and answered questions.

Attendees are also able to ask questions ananymously if they wish:

Microsoft Teams Q&A Screenshot


All questions can be monitored before they are published and it is good practice that this is used. You should let your attendees know that all questions will be monitored and then you can review questions and discussions before answering them and publishing live, if you wish.

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