Excel Live for Microsoft Teams: Real-Time Collaboration

Microsoft have recently announced the release of Microsoft Live, making spreadsheet collaboration even easier in Microsoft Teams.

Following from the release of PowerPoint Live in 2021, Excel Live is built directly into Microsoft Teams, making it quick and easy to share and collaborate on Excel documents. The update for Microsoft Teams in late August 2022 includes the Excel Live functionality.

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How does Excel Live work in Microsoft Teams?

To access Excel Live you’ll need to be in a Microsoft Teams meeting and running a supported version of Microsoft Teams, containing the Excel Live update. From here, click on the Shre icon in the top right of the screen and you’ll see a list of recently used Excel documents.

Excel Live Screenshot


You can then select the Excel document you wish to share with the participants of the meeting and then click “Share”.

Excel Live Screenshot


After sharing the document, anyone in the meeting will be able to collaborate on the documents directly from within Microsoft Teams.

Excel Live Screenshot

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