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Our 3 Favourite Features of Exchequer Mobile

In today’s demanding working environments, Finance teams need to be able to move away from answering queries and instead dedicate time to activity that will drive performance and success. Exchequer Mobile has been built to help you achieve exactly that. Break away from ‘how it’s always been done’ and give employees a resource to view financial information wherever they are – whether that be on a train, in a coffee shop or in the office.

Exchequer Mobile provides non-Exchequer business users with a range of self-service functions, from expenses processing to transaction authorisation, supporting the demands of a growing business in today’s digital landscape.

Whether you’re a seasoned Advanced Exchequer account software user whose looking to make even more out the system, or you’re looking to upgrade, here’s 3 of our favourite features of Exchequer mobile and why you should be using them.


Exchequer mobile’s notification workflow allows you to view messages that have been sent through from the back office team, or from other Exchequer mobile users.

Within the notifications section, Exchequer mobile’s procurement workflow means you can view invoices requiring approval, along with attachments such as copies and scans of invoices and any other related information that’s been attached to that transaction in the back office on Exchequer.

With all that information to hand, you can then decide whether to delegate, reject or approve that transaction – giving you fast and efficient approval mechanisms, whilst maintaining a full and detailed audit trail, alongside the transaction history in Exchequer.


Reporting is an area that’s always in high demand, now with Exchequer mobile you can provide and get access to the management and key information reports, whenever you need them, via the reports menu.

Managed and controlled by the Finance team, reports are published through Exchequer mobile and then made available only to those users who need them via the report security system. This feature is ideal for users who need information at their fingertips, on-the-go.

Customer and Supplier Information

Continuing the theme of information on demand, you can also get real-time access to sales and purchase ledger accounts on Exchequer mobile. Plus, wherever possible, there’s time-saving features, for example postcode mapping for quick access to locations, and phone and email hyperlinks. All this alongside easy-to-use graphical displays of information too, for even better analysis of key information.

You can also gain access to customer and supplier sales and purchase ledger transactional information – with the added ability to drill into transactional data along with access to linked documents and attachments. From here, you can also reprint or email documents too.

Accounts On-The-GoAdvanced Exchequer Mobile

Exchequer Mobile allows you access to your business data for on the go for both Exchequer users and non-Exchequer users at you business. In a view-only set-up, this new product is guaranteed to save time for your Finance Department and ensure the most proactive decisions are being made on the most accurate data.

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