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Sage 50 Report of The Month: August 2022

Sage 50 Report of The Month – August 2022

Each month, Sage release new free, downloadable reports which you can put into Sage 50 to help get even more out of your system and data. Here’s a report for you to download and use for the month of August.

Report / Layout: Aged Debtors (Detailed) by Payment Due Days
Module: Customers
Sage 50 Aged Debtors (Detailed) by Payment Due Days 1
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This report is ideal for showing a Sage Accounts backup file containing the Aged Debtors by payment due dates with detail. It allows you to monitor and properly manage your outstanding debts for better cash flow management.

The fields in this report are:

  • No and Type
  • Date and Reference
  • Details
  • Due Date
  • Balance
  • Not Due
  • Days Over Due Date
  • Grand Totals

The report can be downloaded as a ‘.report’ file and the steps to downloading and adding to your Sage 50 system can be found below.


Add The Report to Sage 50

For details regarding the full process of adding a new custom report to the menus within Sage 50, read our blog post on how to add a new report to Sage 50.

If you’re a HBP Group customer and need any help with adding the report to your Sage 50 system, our support team will gladly assist. To speak with a member of our support team, click here.

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Sage 50 has great capabilities when it comes to powerful reporting on your business. Not only do they offer a series of built in reports that you can take advantage of, but also a number of other free downloadable reports that can add to your system for further analysis of financials.

When it comes to additional Sage 50 reports, you’ll need to add them to your system. We provide the steps below for how you add a new report to your Sage 50 accounts software.

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