How To Rectify Allocations in Pegasus Opera 3

How To Rectify Allocations in Pegasus Opera 3

Allocation correction has been added to the Pegasus Opera 3 software to allow users to correct mistakes made when allocating in both the Sales and Purchase Ledgers. That is to correct an allocation that was posted in error. You can also remove any associated transactions such as receipts, refunds, discounts or exchange rate discrepancies. An audit trail is displayed. If the associated transaction is not removed you are also asked if you want to reallocate the transaction.

Hint: If cashbook is enabled, when an allocation is removed, the cashbook will post the opposite entry to cancel the receipt rather than remove for audit purposes.

See How To Rectify Allocations in Pegasus Opera 3

If you prefer to see the steps in action, then you can watch the following short video which shows you how to rectify allocations in
Pegasus Opera 3, or keep reading for step-by-step written instructions.

How to Rectify an Allocation in Pegasus Opera 3 in 10 Simple Steps

  1. Open the Sales or Purchase processing form and select the customer or supplier you wish to rectify transactions for.
  2. When on the customer screen Open the ‘Action’ button and select ‘Rectify allocation’. The following for will be displayed.
  3. How-To-Rectify-Sales-and-Purchase-Allocations-in-Pegasus-Opera-3-1

  4. Set the relevant Criteria for dates and advanced transactions and then select ‘Next’.
  5. The next screen will display a list of all allocated transactions; you can only select one at a time. Double click on the allocation you which to correct and this will tick all allocated transactions associated.
  6. How-To-Rectify-Sales-and-Purchase-Allocations-in-Pegasus-Opera-3-2

  7. If you wish to remove the Payment / Refund / discount or exchange rate, please tick the ‘Remove allocated Transactions’. This will not remove the Invoice / Credits.

  8. Once all options have been selected, select next.
  9. If you have selected to remove the allocation, you will be presented with a date screen for when the rectified transactions will be posted to in the Nominal.
  10. How-To-Rectify-Sales-and-Purchase-Allocations-in-Pegasus-Opera-3-3

  11. Once the date has been confirmed, the following screen will appear, this shows the transactions to be corrected and removed, it will allow comments which will show on the Audit Trails. A comment must be entered to continue. Select Start.
  12. How-To-Rectify-Sales-and-Purchase-Allocations-in-Pegasus-Opera-3-4

  13. If you are not removing the allocation transactions, the following screen will appear first without prompting for a date. You will be required to enter a comment and then select Start.
  14. How-To-Rectify-Sales-and-Purchase-Allocations-in-Pegasus-Opera-3-5

  15. You will then be prompted to confirm the correction and the audit trail will then be printed. If you have not removed the transactions, you will then be asked if you wish to re allocate the transactions. This will then open the standard Allocation screen where you can re allocate any transactions which are currently sitting on the customer ledger.

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