How To Add a Report in Sage 50 HI

How to Add a New Report to Sage 50

Sage 50 has great capabilities when it comes to powerful reporting on your business. Not only do they offer a series of built in reports that you can take advantage of, but also a number of other free downloadable reports that can add to your system for further analysis of financials.

When it comes to additional Sage 50 reports, you’ll need to add them to your system. We provide the steps below for how you add a new report to your Sage 50 accounts software.


Add a Report to Sage 50


  1. Click the file name of the report or layout you want to download.
  2. If prompted to save the file, browse to where you want to save the file, then click Save. Depending on your web browser, the file may automatically save to your Downloads folder. To view your Downloads folder, press Ctrl + J on your keyboard.
  3. Open Sage 50cloud Accounts, on the menu bar click File, then click Restore.
  4. Click Browse, browse to where you saved the file, then double-click the file.
  5. Below Description of data to be restored, check that it shows the following:
    Report/Layout download
    Backup of:
    – Report Templates
  6. To install the report, click OK. When a message appears advising you are about to overwrite data held in your company, click Yes. As this backup only contains a single report, no data is overwritten.
  7. Click OK then log into Sage Accounts.


Your new report can be found in the Reports . My Reports folder for the relevant module.

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