How to Add a New Report to Sage 200

Using Sage Report Designer

Sage 200 has great capabilities when it comes to powerful reporting on your business. Not only do they offer a series of built in reports that you can take advantage of, but also a number of other free downloadable reports that can add to your system for further analysis of financials.

When it comes to additional Sage 200 reports, you’ll need to add them to the Sage report designer. We provide the steps below for how you add a new report to Sage 200 using the Sage reporting designer tool.

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Add a New Report to Sage Hero

Add a Report to Sage 200 – Obtain The Report Location

First, you’ll need to save your report to one of the following folders in the C:\Sage\reporting folder, choosing one of three levels:

  • Company – This folder holds reports and documents that you have customised for a specific company.
  • Custom – This folder is for report and documents that have been customised and are used by all Sage 200 companies set up with System Administration.
  • Default – This folder contains the standard reports and documents provided by Sage 200. The files held here should not be changed.

Example: If using a Sales Order Status by Salesperson report and we wish to use this report for all companies that are used in Sage 200, the report would be saved to the C:\Sage\reporting\custom\reports\sop folder. If the report was to be used only for one particular company (for example, it contains the company logo specifically for that one individual company), it would be saved to C:\Sage\reporting\company\companyname\reports\sop. ‘companyname’ in this folder path refers to the company name exactly as it appears in System Administration.

Once your report is saved in a location that can find it, you’ll need to use the following steps for adding it to the system:

  1. Within Sage 200, open Report Designer.
  2. File > Open.
  3. Browse to the location of your report. Once you have browsed to the correct folder, make a note of the location, e.g. custom\sales\My Custom

Note: If you have not yet saved your report, use the File > Save As option and again, make a note of the path where the report will be saved, similar to the above format.


Add a Report to Sage 200 – Adding The Report in System Administration


  1. Open System Administration.
  2. Select Features from the menu.
  3. In the list of features, browse to the location where you wish to add the new report. For example, a new report regarding Sales Orders would be held within Sales Order Processing. Right-click on the folder location and choose Add New Feature. This example uses the ‘Basic’ folder within the Sales Ledger.
  4. Give the menu option a name. A GUID should already have been assigned. Click OK.
  5. Locate the new option from the list of features. Right-click on the feature and select Role Authorisation.
  6. Make the feature available to the required roles by selecting them from the Available Roles list and using the arrow button to move them into the list of Authorised Roles and select OK.
  7. With the feature still selected, the area at the bottom of the screen will display the Item name, the Report Group to which it belongs, Location and GUID number. Select the Targets tab from this section and select the Add… button to connect the report.
  8. Enter a name for the report against the Target Name field. Change the Target Type to Report. For the Target Action, enter the path from step 3 in the previous section.
    Note: You must enter this exactly as it appeared in Report Designer. You must not use the ellipsis browsing button as you will be unable to browse to the correct path via this method. Note also that where the path in the previous section used forward slashes, the target path here must use backward slashes.


Adding The Report in Sage 200


  1. Log in to Sage 200 as a user in the role that was assigned to the feature in System Administration.
  2. Select the Edit Menu pencil on the left hand side.
  3. Use the menu on the left and expand to the area where you wish to add the report. Right-click on the sub-menu and choose New Menu Item.
  4. Assign a name for the report as you want it to appear within the Sage 200 interface. Amend the Type dropdown to
    Report and the Customer Icon to REPORT.
  5. Use the Tree View to locate the feature created in the previous section, highlight the option and click the OK button.
  6. Close the Edit Menu using the red cross.
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