Enhance The Functionality of Business Central with Power Platform

The limits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are pretty much limitless when you combine it with Microsoft’s Power Platform, a suite of development tools which allow you to create custom reports, apps and workflows to meet virtually any kind of requirement.

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Solve Problems, Save Time and Take Your Business To A Whole New Level with Power Platform from Microsoft.

On it’s own Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an incredibly powerful platform which allows you to manage your finances, operations, HR, sales, marketing and plenty more too. However, we know that businesses rarely want to change the way they work to fit around a piece of software and instead need a flexible solution that can adapt to their own workflows and their ever changing needs. Power Platform provides a remarkable set of tools that, with assistance from The HBP Group, can be used to develop custom reports and business applications unique to your organisation, resulting in insightful reports, tailored solutions and automated processes.


Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a flexible and powerful reporting tool that allows you to bring data together from multiple sources – whether that’s data from your Business Central finance system, or data from an external database, excel spreadsheet or software package. Data can be visualised in various ways and reports can be created to allow you to see data in context against other sources, making it much easier to make decisions about your business.

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Power Apps

The concept behind Power Apps is to empower staff to create applications that drive efficiency in their own job roles and, in turn, across the whole business. Using pre-built and templated solutions staff can generate applications to manage any task they can imagine, replacing complex spreadsheets in many cases, with user friendly solutions which pull data from your system and also feedback important insight into your business reports.

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Power Automate

Reducing the physical amount of work needed in each task across your organisation may seem like a difficult thing to do, but by analysing your current workflows and then automating key areas, Power Automate can provide exactly this. By reducing the need for data duplication, or automatically completing a task when another is finished, huge amounts of time can be saved without losing any data or information along the way.

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Power Virtual Agents

Virtual Agents are basically chatbots which can be used throughout your online engagement with customers, or prospective customers, to provide additional information quickly and easily, such as answers to FAQs, or to gather additional information where needed. With a simple drag and drop set up, no complex coding is required, so Virtual Agents can easily be implemented in the right places in your customer journey with minimal effort, by anyone!

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Scale Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a flexible and secure platform to manage and scale your business with ease. Combining powerful functionality with customisable workspaces that allow users to access the information they need, you will be able save time, increase efficiency and get a much clearer picture of your performance than ever before.

Set your business up to thrive, using modern tools that accelerate growth and adapt to your changing needs.

Build Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Your Way with Power Platform

Microsoft’s Power Platform provides the ultimate way of bespoking Dynamics 365 Business Central the specific needs of any business. With tried and tested solutions, used by businesses of all sizes all over the world, the platforms included provide the basis of creating customised reports, applications and workflows which will enable Business Central to be your core business software both now and in the future.

Powerful, Visual Reporting and Dashboards

Power BI provides a platform to create customised reports and dashboards using data from within Business Central, but also from other data sources too.

This enables you to analyse data from multiple places in one report which can be absolutely vital if the two data sets directly impact each other but can’t normally be compared or contextualised.

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Turn Ideas Into Solutions

Empowering your staff to not only do their jobs well but to take them to new levels is exactly what Power Apps is all about. It only takes one good idea to get started, but once implemented Power Apps provides a platform to your business, and your staff, where business applications can be created to manage key tasks.

Whether it’s enhancing customer experience or driving internal efficiencies, Power Apps can be used to create whatever you need!

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Easily Engage With Your Customers

Virtual Agents provides an enterprise level of functionality to businesses of all sizes. Correctly used, automated chatbots can help guide customers through sales, or customer service, journeys quickly and efficiently.

Virtual Agents can also be used alongside “real” agents and hand over conversations to your team whenever you want the switch over to take place.

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Boost Business Productivity

With Power Automate you can build powerful, time-saving workflows that cover everything from individual tasks to company-wide processes. With hundreds of pre-built connectors you can choose which actions lead to another task starting, being completed or create a custom activity off the back of any other action.

With a low level of technical knowledge needed to create workflows, you could literally be saving hours of work in every area of your business with Power Automate.

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Want To See It For Yourself?

Now you’ve read about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and watched a few videos, the next step is to see how it can work for your organisation. By requesting a demonstration from us we will create a tailored set up for you to show you exactly how the system can mirror your existing processes or improve on them. We can accompany this demonstration with some outline pricing for you including implementation and support or provide a detailed proposal with all of the information you’ll need to start your journey towards implementing the software for real. Simply fill out the form on this page and one of our experts will be in touch to get things organised with you.

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