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Jet Reports Version 23.1 – What’s New

Jet Reports Version 23.1

Platform certification, improved security, technical enhancements and performance enhancements.

Jet Reports version 23.1 is now available. Highlights include:

  • Platform certification
  • Updated Microsoft Office compatibility
  • Upgraded security and authentication
  • Performance enhancements


Jet Reports Certified With insightsoftware’s Platform

This is a great little update for businesses looking to really embrace the cloud. insightsoftware is building a Cloud platform to unify their applications and enable customers to solve multiple business problems faster and with less risk, by picking and choosing the capabilities you need from across reporting, controllership, and budgeting and planning. With the platform, everything starts in one place. The vision is that your business users will have one place to sign-in, launch their applications, and to access learning and support resources, and that administrators will have one place to manage users, licenses, and data source connectivity. Jet Reports version 23.1 is certified with insightsoftware’s platform. Current capabilities include user management, single sign on, and license management.


Technical Enhancements

OneDrive Support
Jet Reports users will now be able to sync Jet Reports directly with OneDrive when logging in through Office 365 (required Azure Active Directory setup). With this feature, a user will no longer get the message to download any files from OneDrive itself.

Improved Security
To provide more choices to meet your security needs, Jet Reports now supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) and service-to-service (S2S) authentication with Azure Active Directory.

Jet Hub Authentication
For a smoother login and authentication process, Jet Hub users can now authenticate to Microsoft Dynamics NAV or BC OnPrem data sources with Office 365 credentials if multifactor authentication is enabled on the users Azure Active Directory/Office 365 account.


Performance Enhancements

Jet Reports Batch Executions
Jet Reports users will now experience significant performance improvement with batch executions. When using NF functions on a flow field using flow filters, users can expect up to a 500% performance improvement with batch executions based on internal testing.

GL Function Improvements
Jet Reports users will experience improved performance when using the GL function with Analysis View turned on while connected to a Dynamics BC SaaS data source. Users can now expect the GL function with Analysis View turned on to mirror the performance of GL functions when the Analysis View is turned off.

Empower Your Finance Teams With Jet Reports and Jet Analytics

Business Central, with the added benefits of Jet Reports and Jet Analytics, you can accelerate your financial reporting cycle and reduce errors using reporting software that’s specifically made with finance teams in mind. No more time spent leaning on external teams or using static data, with Jet reporting you can increase productivity and get commercially-driven insights.

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