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Continia Document Capture Version 10 – What’s New

Continia Major Release 2022 R2

Continia has officially announced full support for the Business Central 2022 release wave 2 for all Continia solutions on all platforms.

With this release, they are not only introducing a bunch of great new features in their solutions, they’re also also introducing new add-on modules, which you can read about below.


Document Capture Version 10

Resize the document viewer

You’ll now have the possibility to adjust the size of the page part showing the document image, giving you a better overview of the entire document page.

Caption suggestions for master template fields

With suggested captions for the master template fields based on captions already used for vendor template fields which will improve the recognition accuracy of future templates.

Assisted setup guide for the creation of new template fields

It creates new template fields without the risk of deleting mandatory existing fields or otherwise breaking the template which makes it easier and faster to create new template fields.

Auto-register option on the template

With version 10, the template option Register Documents Automatically enables you to auto-register documents that are 100% ok. The feature can be activated on individual templates to speed up document handling for selected vendors.

New add-on module: Purchase Contracts

Managing contracts have never been easier since you can now handle your purchase contracts efficiently and effectively directly from Document Capture. With this add-on module, you can create a purchase contract based on a recurring invoice and have the invoices auto-approved.

With the new add-on you can save time with an accessible overview of contracts, get an accessible overview of renewal dates and have all relevant statistics to hand.

Help save money by ensuring correct invoicing and that you only get invoiced for what you are supposed to. Ensure oyu don’t pay for unused subscriptions or seats and make sure that contracts are terminated in time.

Find out more about Purchase Contracts and pricing here.

Continia Document Capture Accelerate and Automate Document Management in Business Central

Document Capture is an end-to-end solution to import, register, approve and archive complete purchase invoices and credit memos directly into Business Central. Other document types can be handled in the same easy manner. Saving you both the time and hassle of having to register incoming documents manually.

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