Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Managing Directors

As a Managing Director, you have the responsibility of the entire business on your shoulders which is why you need a finance and ERP system that covers every part of your organisation in a single system. With data from every area of your business held in one central location, you will be able to analyse data better than ever before and make decisions that truly impact your future success.

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How Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Help Managing Directors?

As a fully cloud-based system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central not only provides you and your staff with the ability to work from anywhere, but with Microsoft’s enterprise level of security as standard, your data will be safer than ever before as well.

Keep Your Data Safe with World-Class Security

Keep Your Data Safe with World-Class Security

The thought of cloud-based finance systems can send a chill down Managing Director’s spines – but it shouldn’t. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is hosted on their world-class Azure platform, which provides UK-based hosting and a significantly higher level of protection than SMEs could ever afford. So your data is kept safe and accessible, when and where you need it.

Enterprise Level Functionality, SME Prices

Enterprise Level Functionality, SME Prices

Microsoft has a long history of developing finance and ERP systems, but only in recent years has their focus been on helping SMEs. With Business Central, much of the functionality you would expect to see in larger packages is available. What’s more, it’s much cheaper than similar solutions. Especially when coupled with a SmartStart or SmartScope implementation.

Improve Efficiency with Powerful Reporting

Improve Efficiency with Powerful Reporting

Complete visibility over your organisation. As data is stored in one central location, you can report on information from a holistic position, rather than viewing data in isolation. Reports can easily be created and displayed with real-time, visual dashboards using Microsoft’s Power BI. Analyse and report on the past, as well as anticipate the future of your business.

Tailor The Software To Your Needs

Tailor The Software To Your Needs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has a familiar feel, so users will have no problem picking up the solution quickly and easily. The system integrates directly into Microsoft products; action sales quotes and invoices in Outlook, export data for use in Excel and embed Power BI reports in Business Central. Role-centric dashboards mean your teams only see what they need to.

DataReady GuaranteeThe Accuracy Of Your Data – Guaranteed!

When moving to a new finance or ERP system the accuracy of your data is paramount. Not only will we take the lead in export, checking and importing your data from your old system into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, but with our SmartScope deployment we will guarantee that the data quality will be as good, if not better, than your current system. If it isn’t, we’ll fix it free of charge.

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The most important thing when moving to a new system is the accuracy of your data. That’s why we guarantee the quality of it.


How Else Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Support Your Teams?

It’s not often you come across a platform that can support your entire business from one central data location. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, there’s no need for duplicate data, siloed systems and multiple platforms – instead manage your financials, CRM, supply chain management, project management, HR and marketing and sales from one intuitive system.


For Finance Directors

Producing accurate, on-time reports as well as managing budgets, cash flow and your team efficiently are key parts of a Finance Director’s role. Having the right finance software in place is critical to achieving these tasks successfully.
Finance Directors >


For IT Directors

Being responsible for your organisation’s IT, you’ll no doubt want to be certain that any new software which can be accessed by your end-users is going to be secure and can work in tandem with existing IT infrastructure.
IT Directors >


For Sales Directors

Closing sales to increase revenue is key, but meeting customer expectations is equally important. With Business Central’s role-tailored capabilities, sales teams can easily access the features they need to excel in their role.
Sales Directors >


For Order Processors

Easily manage sales-order and purchasing processes through automated workflows and store all the information you need in one central data location – plus, prevent unnecessary or fraudulent purchases with approvals.
Order Processors >

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With Over 30 Years’ Accounting Software Experience, You’re In Safe Hands With Us

Since 1991, The HBP Group have been implementing accounting and finance systems and have vast experience in migrating customers from their existing systems to new ones. Coupled with our Microsoft Gold Partner Status, we can guarantee that your data will be as good, if not better, when you move to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Below are just a few of the finance packages we have experience of.

Dynamics 365 Business CentralTransform Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central connects your financials, sales, services and operations to drive powerful efficiencies and smarter decision making plus with built in intelligence and seamless Office 365 integration, the value is unparalleled.

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Flexible and configurable, Business Central readily adapts to your unique industry and business needs.

What Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Do?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s financial management system is the core to the entire solution, underpinning all other aspects of the platform. But it goes far beyond that. Unifying systems and processes together to manage your financials, sales, service, and operations in one cloud-based system.


Take Back Control of Your Finances

Easy access to the general ledger, workflows and audit trails, bank management, budgets, deferrals, bank reconciliation, dimensions, fixed assets and currencies. It’s all there, and with powerful insights into your data.
Finance Management >


Maximise Project Efficiency and Profits

Project Managers can effectively and efficiently manage budgets, stock inventory, time sheets, invoicing, profitability and reporting – all from one platform. Complete visibility of jobs and resources at every step.
Resource & Project Management >


Predictive Insights and Consistent Reporting

You capture a huge amount of data, from sales and purchases to expenses and budgets. Harnessing this data can prove a powerful tool. With Business Central, you can easily gather, analyse and share your company data.
Reporting & Analytics >


See More of Business Central’s Features

No breaking down into different sections or modules, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers one complete ERP system that pulls systems and processes together to manage your financials, sales and operations.
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