Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: A Furniture Industry ERP

As a furniture business, your priorities will be clear: streamlined business processes, integrated stock management, full visibility of stock and movements and a quick quote-to-cash process with real-time data and reporting. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can get all that and more in one intuitive cloud-based system.

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What Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Do For Furniture Businesses?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help to connect your stock, sales, service, finance, and operations in one unified system. Wave goodbye to duplicate data across multiple platforms and manual processes, and hello to time and money saved. Now, you’ll have full visibility across your business and the means to make informed decisions with intelligent analytics.


Simplified Warehousing Processes for Efficiency

Move and track goods at maximum efficiency and minimum cost with warehouse management functionality. Users are provided with their pick runs and put away instructions for goods arriving, which includes bin location based on capacity/zone. Use data to optimise capacity and resources to improve efficiency.

Tailor The Software To Your Needs

Powerful Integration to Streamline Sales

Through Outlook, see contact info, sales and transactions, communications and more directly from an inbound email. Create quotes, process orders and submit invoices without leaving Outlook. Easily customise outgoing documents and email templates in Word and access live lists of editable data from within Excel.

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Complete Visibility Every Step of The Way

Manage projects that involve employee labour and machine hours, inventory items, and any other type of usage. Get an overview of not only individual jobs, but also the allocation of employees, machinery, and other resources that are being used in all projects to allow you to schedule or plan capacity within your business, without leaving the system.


Connect Finances To The Rest of Your Business

A finance management system that connects with every aspect of your organisation. Post to your general ledger, chart of accounts and general journals and the data can be visible from all aspects of the system to help you make informed decisions; work with multiple companies, currencies, bank accounts and budgets across Business Central.


Manage Stock with Inventory Reconciliation

When you post inventory transactions (e.g., sales shipments, purchase invoices, inventory adjustments), the changed item costs are recorded in item value entries. To reflect this change of inventory value in your financial books, the inventory costs are automatically posted to the related inventory accounts in the general ledger.


Drive Business Growth With Intuitive Data

Data plays a pivotal role in helping to identify and capitalise on opportunities for transforming the way you operate and deliver products, services and experiences to customers. Use data to calculate and optimise capacity and resources to improve production schedules and efficiency and use that data against your SLAs.


Improve Sales Cycles with Shorter Lead Times

Getting stock out of your storage facility and to your customers quickly is paramount to your success. Real-time intelligence that predicts what to replenish and when. Its intuitive predictions and forecasts will even notify you when to prepare for increased demand. Track trends, identify problems and make your inventory work harder.

Prioritise Leads Based on Revenue Potential

Prioritise Leads Based on Revenue

Business Central allows you to create, manage and track opportunities at every stage of the sales cycle, and prioritise leads based on their revenue potential. Even set KPI targets to alert you to opportunities falling behind. Keep customers happy with accurate real-time inventory and sales data across the entire platform.

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Are You Looking For A Unified System To Empower Your Business?

Enterprise grade solutions, adapted to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, there’s no need for duplicated data on many systems – instead it’s one solution that cover all areas of the business, including finance, CRM, supply chain management, project management, HR and marketing and sales.


Full Control and Visibility of Stock

No more wasted time spent locating products. Easily trace items as they move across internal warehouses, or outbound and inbound transactions and for general quality assurance, warranties, product recalls and expirations.
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Always See The Bigger Picture

Marketing and Sales teams working from the same playbook. Strengthen sales, close and accelerate your quote-to-cash process. Set up and track your campaigns in just a few clicks, or log and monitor your sales leads at every step.
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Save on Purchasing and Order Processing

Optimise your inventory levels, with built-in intelligence that predicts in real-time what to replenish and when, so you only receive what you need. Your teams will have complete visibility of the order lifecycle, all in one place.
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Predictive Insights and Consistent Reporting

You capture a huge amount of data, from sales and purchases to expenses and budgets. Harnessing this data can prove a powerful tool. With Business Central, you can easily gather, analyse and share your company data.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralThe Implementation Process

The HBP Group can offer you two seamless implementation methods for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central based on your business needs and desires: Dynamics SmartStart™ for rapid self-managed deployment, or Dynamics SmartScope™ for a complete managed service by an expert.

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How Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Help You in Your Role?

If you’d like to know more about each area of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central then we’ve broken down the software into key areas so you can delve a little deeper. It’s important to remember that Business Central works together as one solution, combining the data and information from your finance, operations and sales teams to provide accurate and real-time reports on your organisation’s activities.


For Managing Directors

As a Managing Director, you have the responsibility of the entire business on your shoulders so you need a finance and ERP system that covers every part of your organisation. With data from every area of your business in one location, you’ll be able to analyse data better than ever before and make decisions that truly impact your future success.
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For Finance Directors

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an extremely powerful and feature rich finance system. Producing accurate, on-time reports as well as managing budgets, cash flow and your team efficiently are key parts of a Finance Director’s role and having the right finance software in place can be a critical part of achieving these tasks successfully.
Finance Directors >


For IT Directors

As the person responsible for your organisation’s IT, you’ll no doubt want to be certain that any new software which can be accessed by your end users is going to be secure and can work in tandem with your existing IT infrastructure. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ticks both boxes with a wealth of security features as well as integration
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