Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: ERP Solution For Construction

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can leverage cloud-based technology to meet all your company’s requirements by connecting powerful tools, software and apps into one seamless system. As a constrution company, proper resource management is essential. Now you can effectively manage projects, resources and teams effortlessly.

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What Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Do For The Construction Industry?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for the construction industry is ideal because it collates all of the information you need at your fingertips (such as resources, like machinery and teams, your finances and project costs and much more) for better, more informed decision-making. It also boasts powerful integration capabilities which makes your role in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) simplified, compliant and easy for your staff to action.


Use Cost Accounting for Data Accuracy

Cost accounting on Microsoft Dynamics will help you understand the costs of running your business. You’ll be able to easily analyse the types of costs incurred in the running of your company, where the costs occur and who bears the costs. You can easily allocate actual and budgeted costs of operations, departments, products, and projects to analyse profitability.


Manage Projects with Complete Visibility

Enjoy simplified project management processes. Easily create resource groups so you can (visually) bundle resources. Once you’ve set up your resources, you can get an overview of individual jobs and the allocation of employees, machinery, and other resources that are being used in all projects to allow you to schedule or plan capacity within your business, without leaving the system.

Easy Setup of Work in Progress Calculations

View The Profitability of a Job with Ease

Enter tasks for your job, so you can specify everything that must be done to complete it. Plan capacity, budget requirements for resources, items and other costs, as well as whether they should be billed. From Job processing screens, you can upload information live from Excel; add job planning information or update existing planned costs or revenue.

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Simplified Fixed Asset Management

Manage your internal assets, track their history and see employee allocation. Track warranty, service details and insurance information for each of your individual items, so you can easily monitor and manage equipment and other assets from a single platform. See your fixed asset opening balances and easily calculate the depreciation of any asset too.

Stay Compliant and Save Time with CIS Automation
Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central CIS Module

The Dynamics 365 Business Central CIS add-on that saves your teams valuable time by automating the accounting aspects of CIS invoices from subcontractors and the payment part. This construction industry solution manages construction subcontractors’ advance tax and NI liability. In addition, automating the registration of subcontractors’ advance tax with HMRC.
Business Central CIS Module >

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central CIS

Streamline and Automate Every Step of The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Subcontracting Process

As well as needing a finance system that connects to the rest of your business and the ability to properly manage and monitor ongoing projects and their associated costs, it’s also vital that construction companies are doing all they can to remain compliant and part of that means registering for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) as a contractor. Build on the already powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central with a CIS module that automates CIS processes, saving your teams valuable time.

  • HMRC Ready
  • Vendor verification and Online CIS Statement Submission
  • Support for CIS Returns Processing
  • CIS Registration Validation with HMRC Portal
  • Transactional triggers for CIS Tax Accounting in the system
  • Support for Sub-Ledgers for CIS Module, Tax Withholding Overview
  • Monthly CIS Tax Return Summary Generation
  • Reporting Options
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central CIS

HMRC Ready and Easy Verification Process

The CIS module is HMRC ready and integrates Dynamics Business Central directly with the HMRC portal, allowing you to verify vendor details and submit CIS statements online (including the CIS returns online), in only a few clicks. To save your teams even more time, once setup, all subsequent transactions from vendors will automatically trigger the CIS tax accounting in the system.


No More Complicated
CIS Submissions

Submit CIS returns to HMRC, directly through Business Central. CIS applicability flags on Item and G/L cards create automatic calculations on Purchase docs. Subcontractor invoices include labour as well as material costs, so everything is up-to-date. Plus, receive support for CIS Returns Processing and get transactional triggers for CIS Tax Accounting in the system.

Clever Dashboards To Help Deliver Results

Insights on Postings, Amends and Reversals

As well as having its own Subledger which gives an overview of all the CIS tax withholding details, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central CIS add-on, it’s possible to amend the return after submission, as well as CIS reversal effect on Credit Memos. Plus, you can verify any message before and after submissions for auditing purposes to ensure you stay fully compliant.

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Reporting For Complete Transparency

Collate CIS entries and effortlessly generate your Monthly Return Summary, directly from the system as and when required. For clarity, your Statement of CIS Deduction for Subcontractor, Monthly Summary Return and Monthly Detailed Return includes logical reference of labour charges and deductions, so reporting is clear for better decision-making.

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SmartScope is the ideal implementation choice if you’re looking for an accredited expert to manage every step of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central installation for you. With over 40 years’ experience, we have a vast knowledge of finance systems. That means you’re in safe hands when it comes to migrating the data from your existing system – all backed up by our DataReady Guarantee.

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Rapid, self-managed deployment.

SmartStart is the best implementation choice for businesses who would like to quickly and easily migrate their data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with pre-built templates. We can get your system up and running rapidly and provide support to help you import your data, set up your system and benefit from the fantastic functionality of Business Central with ease.

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