Yammer – How can it help your remote workers?

It’s been a turbulent couple of weeks for many businesses having to adapt to a new ‘office culture’, that is, a ‘no office culture’. Thousands of employees have had to pick up their desks, including PCs and Desk Phones etc and set up a new office in their home. Whilst home working has many benefits such as reduced travel costs and flexible working, not seeing colleagues on a daily or even weekly basis can be hard.



We’ve found ourselves missing those hallway catch ups or lunchtime talks with our colleagues and many businesses will face the prospect of being out of the office for weeks or even months. Yammer can help fill that void!

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So how do you keep your workforce connected an informed?

Yammer is a tool included in the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications. Yammer works as a form of enterprise style social networking allowing employees across a business to connect, share and communicate in a style similar to Facebook. You can even separate into different groups for example by Team or by product. The aim really is to bring all of your communication channels into one place, meaning remote workers won’t miss out on those posters or notice boards around the office.


It’s Not “Just More Social Media

Some people might eye-roll at the thought of another social media platform to login to and check for updates but this tool should be used to help keep your staff collaborating and updated. Yammer will notify a user of new posts in their groups and everyone across a business can have their input into different questions and discussions. It can be a place for product update news, customer news or sharing success stories.


It’s a communications tool

Yammer is best used as another form of communication between colleagues and can be used to keep businesses informed. For important messages you can tag your team so they receive a notification to check the post and action accordingly or you can send ‘in mail’ and private message with important updates. Yammer can also be used as a more casual space where your team can escape to for some humour or an uplift through out the working day. You can create polls, ask questions and praise your team for all to see.


It’s for the whole company

In short Yammer is a platform where the whole enterprise can come together and collaborate just as they would if they we’re stood in the office kitchen or chatting in a hallway. Remote workers can be involved in discussions and keep informed on business updates. Yammer is classed as a ‘freemuim’ software, meaning you can use the most basic features at no cost, it’s only when you want to start upgrading to advanced features there are additional costs.


Why use it?

  • Improves communication between all employees.
  • Structures updates and communication across the business.
  • Removes the need for long email chains.
  • Allowed all conversations to be searched or found if needed.

As a business we use Yammer, not only to collaborate across our product focused channels or team based channels, but to share in light humour and open discussions. If you’re interested in getting Yammer set up for your business Contact Us.

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