How can SharePoint help your remote workers?

SharePoint is a cloud based solution used by many businesses across the world to store documents and manage data. With remote working at the forefront of people’s minds we thought we’d put together a quick overview on how best to use this Microsoft application.



Understand why SharePoint is important, how it works and understand employee collaboration.

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Why is SharePoint so important?

SharePoint allows businesses to store all of their documents and data in the cloud, meaning there’s less need for clunky on premise hardware and easier access to company files from anywhere. It allows anyone in a business to access the files they require even when working remotely. It’s tight integration into other Office 365 applications means anyone with access can share, comment and collaborate with other users.


How does the storage work?

Traditional document storage allows you access to a folder on a server somewhere, this has limited capacity and can usually only be accessed with the office environment. SharePoint takes the idea of a traditional document storage facility that is formatted with online folders and opens up the access to off site workers. Integrations with applications such as Word or Excel mean that multiple employees in one business can update versions of a documents and track those historic changes. Microsoft explain SharePoint as an ever evolving piece of information that has history and context, as opposed to a folder with files placed in them.


Employee collaboration made easy

SharePoint allows teams to collaborate one 1 document or a suite of folders relating to a certain job/project in one place. The traditional route of sending multiple chain emails are no longer relevant as comments and updates between all team members can be tracked. This could range from important meetings or events updates to live costings sheets to be accessed accurately by a sales team across multiple sites or from home.


We use it

We successfully use SharePoint as a company with multiple office locations and many remote workers. We find it helps teams work together smoothly as files, images and documents can be shared easily in an instant. The full office 365 suite encourages a cloud based, collaborative working culture perfect for remote or home working.

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