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At The HBP Group, we work around your budget, allowing us to solve your IT problems, without giving you financial headaches. We found that one of the best ways to do this is with finance. Alongside our innovative finance partner, Synergi Partner Finance, we aim to provide you with a flexible and innovative payment option.

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What is IT Leasing?

IT leasing involves spreading the cost of our products and services through an affordable monthly payment plan. This means that you will be tied to a finance agreement for a term of your choosing. From there, you will make monthly repayments for the whole of that term. Our finance partner recommends the facilities below for IT and technology products.

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Lease Rental

The lease rental option involves a facility like the one described above. This would involve making monthly repayments over the course of the finance agreement. If you are purchasing a product, you may be granted the title during the agreement and will effectively own it. This would give you an asset to put onto your company’s balance sheet.

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Subscription-Based Finance

Subscription-based finance offers a holistic approach to buying technology products like software. Software as a Service (SaaS) actually falls under this model, as you actually cannot be given title to such products. Through a subscription, you can purchase services like training, support, and maintenance, over the course of a desired term.

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Budget-Focused Finance

Budget-focused finance allows us to build an idea of what you can afford before we discuss packages and payment plans. Once we have a rough notion, we can recommend the products and services which would benefit you the most. We can then also recommend the best payment option for preserving your business’s cash flow.

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Managed Service Solution Finance

Managed service solution finance allows you to gain a mixture of products and services on a cost-per-month basis. Hardware as a Service (HaaS) falls under this model. It allows you to buy a product and pay for a support package as one monthly payment. This payment option would suit a comprehensive tech solution, covering services like training and maintenance.

The HBP Group Success StoryAP Robinson

When A P Robinson & Co looked ahead to consider its expansion over a five-year period it foresaw not only that the profession and the business would change considerably, but also that IT would play a significant role in that change which is why they partnered with us to manage their IT support.

Although its existing IT supplier was doing a fair job, the company believed that to continue to offer its clients the best levels of service, more was needed.

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As well as being friendly, helpful and courteous, they work quickly, and speed is important to us. We have to have our systems up and running all the time

Andrew Robinson, AP Robinson

How does IT Leasing work?

When you finance products and services with us, you will actually be dealing with a lender. Our finance provider, Synergi, organises quotations and documentation through their multi-award-winning Partner Portal. They also bring an accredited commercial lender into the deal, who purchases the product on your behalf. You will then make your repayments directly to them.

This makes the process safe for both us and you, ensuring that everyone involved is fully checked and accredited. We may ask you to provide Synergi with some appropriate information. But don’t worry, everything is handled with extreme care and with your interests in mind.

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Preserves Cash Reserves

When you finance your IT solutions, you can preserve your cash reserves and protect your capital. Buying upfront and in cash can sometimes be a drain on your company’s savings.

This, in turn, can limit spending elsewhere in the business and hinder your growth plans. But, with an innovative finance solution, your reserves aren’t affected, and you can spend money where you had originally planned.

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Accelerates ROI

Paying for IT solutions on finance can accelerate your return on investment. This occurs because you will be paying for your solution as it delivers value back to your business.

Whether it is contributing to your sales process or saving you money through efficiencies, this value can offset the payments you make. From there, you can determine whether the ROI justifies a renewal on services or an upgrade if you financed a product.

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Improves Cash Flow

Acquiring IT on finance means that you can gain a healthy cash flow. This is because you will have funds available each month to invest into other areas of your business.

Each of these areas will bring in their own return and you can spread the cost of each over monthly repayments. This will provide a healthy flow of cash through your business that perpetuates efficiency and growth.

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No Footprints on Credit

When you are credit appraised through Synergi Partner Finance’s Portal, this is done through Credit Safe. The Partner Portal has integrated Companies House and Credit Safe features to carry out checks.

Companies House is the government’s official registrar of companies and Credit Safe is a business intelligence database. These checks leave no footprints and do not affect yours or your company’s credit score.

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Tax Efficient

Did you know that lease payments are tax allowable? Well, they are. And this means that when you acquire IT on finance, you can earn relief on your Corporation Tax bill.

So, not only can you then offset repayments against income or savings. But you can also offset them against these tax benefits.

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