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Sage 50 Keyboard Shortcuts

Save Time with These Sage 50 Keyboard Shortcuts

Sage 50 accounts software is perfect for small businesses needing a robust accounts solution to handle everyday cashflow transactions, manage invoicing and produce simple reports, whilst helping to manage your finances, customers and business insights in one simple solution – which is why it’s so popular. Now, with these handy Sage 50 keyboard shortcuts, it’s even easier to use and navigate.

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Sage 50 Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL + Letter

  • CTRL+X: Cut
  • CTRL+C: Copy
  • CTRL+V: Paste
  • CTRL+E: Delete Record
  • CTRL+F: Find
  • CTRL+D: Find Next
  • CTRL+N: New Company
  • CTRL+O: Open Company
  • CTRL+B: Back Up Company
  • CTRL+R: Restore Company
  • CTRL+P: Print Displayed Report, Invoices, Quotes, Payments, and so on


Sage 50 Keyboard Shortcuts: Function Keys

  • F1: Displays online Help topic for the current window
  • SHIFT+F1: Changes mouse pointer to What’s This Help selector
  • F2: Displays the calculator
  • F3: When creating invoices, it displays Edit Item window. When creating customer or supplier receipt/payments, it activates pay in full
  • F4: Activates ActiveSearch
  • CTRL+F4: Closes current document window
  • ALT+F4: Closes the application window
  • F5: When in a monetary box, it displays the currency calculator. When pressed in a text box, it displays the spell checker
  • F6: Duplicate key
  • F7: Inserts a blank line/row for data entry
  • F8: Deletes whole lines/rows
  • F9: Activates Calculate Net Amount
  • F10: Toggles between the open window and menu bar
  • F11: Opens Windows Control Panel
  • F12: Opens Sage Report Designer


Top Tip

For a graphical view of which keys to use to perform these shortcuts, see the following image:

Sage 50 Keyboard shortcuts

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