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Sage 200 Product Roadmap Update For 2023

Sage 200 have their product roadmap, which is updated so you can see what’s new and coming up in Sage 200.

It’s broken down into three sections:

  1. Delivered: where you can view the Sage 200 timeline and see the improvements that they’ve already brought to you.
  2. Launching soon: where you can see what’s being built for the next Sage 200 release and also what’s coming up in future.
  3. The future: which shows the exciting new stuff that Sage accounts are looking at, and where you can vote on your favourite.

They have now updated the roadmap to include the latest changes for all Sage 200 products.


What’s Changed in The Sage 200 Professional Product Roadmap

Import vatable journals into the program, simplifying process and building out import capabilities. A top requested customer wish list item.

Stock records – change the warehouse associated with multiple stock records, simplify your processes and make quick changes.

Increasing the length of Description and Part number on the stock record.

Purchase Ledger/ Purchase Order Processing
Supplier Alerts: set notifications on your suppliers that allow simple reminders and actions to be taken when processing purchase orders.

Purchase Ledger/ Sales Ledger
Changes to how allocation of items are handled to support customers in ensuring processes are clear and reporting accuracy is improved.

Cashbook/ Banking
Validate your standing orders before generating the file to simplify processes.

Nominal Ledger
Prior Year Journals ability to print details.

API Updates
Building out the API, a selection of API calls as requested by our developer community.

Updates For Multiple Services
We regularly update our shared services components and with this release we’ll be doing updates for a variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Bank Feeds
  • Invoice Payments (Stripe, PayPal and GoCardless)
  • Salary and Supplier Payments (Powered by Modulr)
  • Opayo

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