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Pegasus CIS 5 –
Reasons To Upgrade

New Release: Pegasus CIS 5

Pegasus CIS 5 is a brand-new product and is based on the existing Pegasus Construction Industry Solutions product – Pegasus CIS. Built with modern development technologies such as VB.NET and .net 4.8, with a new UI, it delivers numerous new improved features and benefits over its predecessor, Pegasus CIS. It integrates with Opera 3 SQL and VFP Financials and Payroll applications, as well as Sage 50 and 200.

CIS 5 has a completely refreshed look and feel, plus a host of new features to improve your business processes. Here’s a few reasons to upgrade:


Reasons to Upgrade

Unrivalled User Interface
A totally new user interface that provides:

  • Unequalled on-screen information retrieval capabilities.
  • Screen layouts customisable by the user (employing drag and drop technology).
  • Multiple Tabs, like a web browser, so people can work in different modules at the same time
  • Powerful and easy to use List View creation.  One-click integration with Microsoft Word® and Excel®.
  • Multiple Windows are available on the forms such as Customers, Suppliers and Subcontractors so that people can display different types of information such as the base details, transactions and documents etc.

Powerful Reporting
A totally new enhanced approach to management reporting across the system that provides;

  • Microsoft Excel® Integration
  • Integrated Crystal Reports©
  • Ad-hoc onscreen reporting
  • Integrated dashboards

The first release of Pegasus CIS will include a number of predefined Dashboards. In a subsequent release of Pegasus CIS 5, there will be a Dashboard Designer module available that will allow Dashboards to be modified, created or to be imported (typically where a Pegasus Partner has created specific Dashboards for a customer). These Dashboards radically improve and optimise the reporting capability within Pegasus CIS 5.

Enhanced Functionality
There are well over 100 new enhancements added into Pegasus CIS 5 which are fully documented in the Enhancement Guide. But below is a list of 15 of the key enhancements you can benefit from:

  1. Customisable screens, including working screen, updated user interface for detail screens, working tabs and forms
  2. Redesigned various screens to optimise tabs, groups and the new tooltip controls
  3. Display Recently Used and Frequently Used Options on the main Working Screen with User Preferences to Show / Hide these options
  4. Views and Filters offer an extremely flexible way of interrogating the data within Pegasus CIS 5 with the results being published to printer, Excel spreadsheet, PDF file or shared with others via Email
  5. Added company and user details to new status bar on detail screens
  6. Automatic emailing of documents, including Subcontractor Self Bill Invoices, Sales Invoices, Credit Notes, Contract Certificates and Remote Timesheets
  7. A new ‘Purchase Order Documents’ items option has been added to Purchase Orders that allows the user to associate multiple documents with an order and optionally include them as an attachment when emailing orders to a Supplier
  8. The system has been updated to allow Sent email messages to be resent and to allow unsent email messages to be edited
  9. Additional Reference Fields for BOM, Plant Asset Register and Subcontractors
  10. It now allows for increased Job Cost Headings and Additional Description fields, up to 200 characters
  11. View Timesheet histories
  12. Added warning prompts to Subcontractor Orders, Applications and Invoices when insurance will expire within 30 days, including Filter Options to the Subcontractors list view
  13. Added Bank Account to Sales Invoices, Contract Applications, Contract Certificates and Valuations & Measurements
  14. A new “Prevent Logins” option has been added to the CIS Administrator Programme – ideal for upgrading the application or taking Data Backups / Restores
  15. Added default dimensions to Stock

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Did you know that the average construction project suffers 150% cost overruns and completes more than 175% late? Pegasus CIS helps combat this by giving you complete control of your contracts; you’ll deliver projects on time and within budget and transform your profitability at the same time.

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