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Pegasus CIS 5 (5.01.00)-Now Includes Dashboards

Latest Release – October 2022

Pegasus CIS 5 Latest Version Announced: 5.01.00

Dashboards now available with extended functionality.

Pegasus has now announced the availability of Dashboard Administration and Dashboard Designer in CIS 5. That means, the popular Dashboards feature is now available in CIS 5 which gives you data at the click of a button to help make smarter and faster business decisions. There are 5 predefined dashboards available plus an exciting Dashboard Designer which allows you to amend dashboards and create new ones to suit your business.

CIS 5 Dashboards

This new functionality, available today in CIS 5 – 5.01.00 is licence driven and controlled by an annual licence to use. The annual licence activates Dashboard Administration which in turn enables the Dashboard Designer which is free of charge.

CIS 5 Partners 5.01.00 licences have all been updated to include Dashboard Administration. Therefore, the new functionality is waiting for you the next time you login to CIS 5 – 5.01.00.

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