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The Future of Opera 3 SQL SE

Opera 3 SQL SE is the same award-winning Opera 3 with all the functionality you’re used to, but it uses Microsoft .net and SQL Server technologies for even more security, power and reliability.

Over the coming months, Pegasus will be investing heavily in their Opera 3 SQL SE product to bring you more developments and even better features.

This is an exciting time for Pegasus users and there has never been a better time to move to Opera 3 SQL SE. Here’s what the future Opera 3 SQL SE looks like:

  • Upgraded easy-to-use user interface
  • Standard and custom Dashboards for greater reporting and decision making
  • Invoice Digital Capture
  • AP / POP automation
  • Digital Procurement and Analytics
  • Banking improvements with auto reconciliation
  • Data connector for extended business intelligence
  • Opera 3 SQL SE and CIS 5 integration
  • Sales pipeline management for better visibility of the sales process
  • Plus more.

For more information about upgrading to Opera 3 SQL SE or to discuss the upcoming features, contact us today.

Want to know moreAbout Pegasus Opera 3?

Pegasus Opera 3 Accounts Software is a completely modular accounts solution meaning you can bespoke your package to your finance department’s needs and required functionality. With accounting and financials at its core you choose the additional modules as you need them. We offer implementation, support and training for Pegasus Opera 3.

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