How to Amend an Invoice in Sage 200

The Steps for Amending Invoices in Sage 200

Occasionally, you’ll create an invoice and you’ll need to amend some of the details within in. You can only make changes to an invoice if it hasn’t been printed (if it hasn’t been printed, it will have a status of Draft).

You can change any details (as long as you have the correct permissions), apart from the invoice number. If you want to change to a different customer, so you can keep the same invoice number, you must remove all lines from the invoice first.

You can add and remove lines and change quantities and prices as required. If the invoice has payment, you can’t make the total value of the invoice less the payment amount. You must also reduce the payment value.

For Printed Invoices

If you try to amend a printed invoice, you’ll see the View Invoice screen.

  • If you need to change the customer order number or address, you can do this from the Reprint screen.
  • For anything else, you must cancel the invoice and recreate it with a new invoice number.

Enter or Change Analysis Codes

Analysis codes are additional custom fields that you can set on the whole invoice, and also on lines in the order.

You can use the analysis codes to identify or group your orders and invoices; whether that by geographical region, salesperson, or a promotion.

For the whole invoice – choose the analysis codes on the Delivery and Invoicing tab.

For each line in an order – edit the line and click Analysis.

If you don’t want to apply an analysis code, leave the value blank.

Cancel an Invoice

You can cancel an invoice as long as it hasn’t been posted. The whole invoice is cancelled and the invoice is given a Cancelled status.

If you’ve made an error, you’ll need to enter the invoice again, which will have a new invoice number.

Open: Invoicing > Invoicing List.

Select the invoice(s) and click Cancel.

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