Continia Document Capture Version 2023 R2 - What's New?

New Contina Document Capture Release: Version 2023 R2

What’s New in Continia Document Capture?

Document Capture is an end-to-end solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that enables you to import, OCR-process, register, approve, and archive invoices and other business documents. It streamlines and automates every step of your document management process, featuring a full approval workflow that allows users to approve documents after they’ve been received, scanned, and registered. Also, the digital archive makes it easy to retrieve previously processed documents for auditing, reporting, or other purposes.

What’s new?

Purchase Contract Intelligence: Boost your contract management efficiency. The Purchase Contract module detects patterns in incoming and previously posted invoices, suggesting contract creation for recurring invoices and streamlining the process.

Secure Archive: This feature ensures that your original digital bookkeeping documents are stored securely, preserving their integrity, traceability, and compliance with secure periods defined by local legislation. It includes a built-in logging feature to track each document’s journey from receipt to final bookkeeping entry. Recognized and certified in Germany as a trusted, audit-proof archiving solution.

Dynamic columns in the document journal: Enhance your document journal list with the ability to configure dynamic columns. Enjoy personalized views, the flexibility to include specific data, and sorting and filtering options for enhanced organisation.

Notifications for admins about open documents: Stay ahead of delays and enhance workflow efficiency. Ensure unprocessed documents receive immediate attention by automatically notifying designated admins via email.

To find out more, watch “Document Capture 2023 R2 – What’s new?” below.

Document Capture 2023 R2 – What’s New?

Stay ahead of the curve with Continia’s second major release of 2023! Watch on right right to dive into their most exciting new features for Document Capture. To get the full scope, read above.
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