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When you join us, you will undoubtedly feel like part of our mission. You’ll join a close-knit team that believes in going the extra mile to create WOW moments – it’s in our DNA. We support and challenge each other to be the best versions of ourselves, fostering a culture where ownership and continuous learning are valued. We shout about the pride we have for our team from the rooftops, but, perhaps even more importantly, we listen to what our team has to say about us too…


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Driven by our shared vision…

The success of our business is, and always has been, rooted in the people who work at The HBP Group. As an organisation that provides IT and software services to businesses our biggest strength, and the reason so many businesses work with us, is the knowledge, experience, passion and dedication that is shown by our people at The HBP Group.

We are an ambitious company striving to achieve excellence in everything we do; from what we put out into the world externally, to what we put into our teams internally.

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What does it mean to work at The HBP Group?

When we say we listen to our people, we really mean it. We’ve been recognised twice, in as many years, in the Best Companies™ “best companies to work for” rankings. The Best Companies™ list recognises businesses who excel in providing great places to work for their employees and the results are based entirely on employee surveys.

Driving meaningful change within any business happens quicker and more effectively when there is honest feedback. By working with Best Companies™, we provide an annual anonymous survey to all employees which then provides us with vital information to improve our People strategy.

Why Work For Us

Striving to be the best…

To support our drive towards achieving a Best Companies “World Class” accreditation, the survey feedback forms our 8-part strategy, that impacts your benefits, wellbeing initiatives, personal development, team…everything about The HBP Group!


How you feel about the heads of the organisation and our values and principles.

My Manager

How you feel about and communicate with your
direct manager.

My Company

The level of engagement you feel with your job and organisation.

Personal Growth

How you feel about your training and your future prospects.

My Team

Your feelings towards your immediate colleagues and how well you work together.


How you feel about stress, pressure at work and work-life balance.

Fair Deal

How happy you are with your pay and additional benefits you receive.

Giving Back

The extent to which you feel the organisation has a positive impact on society.

Recognition is important to motivate you, in all roles in the company. In the past 5 years, I’ve been rewarded with trips to Iceland, Hungary, Marrakech and Crete!

Everyone gets the chance to celebrate success as a team and individual. It’s good to be appreciated and know you are valued.

Richard Joined 1994 | The HBP Group

The emphasis on personal growth makes working here fulfilling. Being able to see your personal contribution to the company’s success and the impact of my work first hand is immensely rewarding.

Rachel Joined 2019 | The HBP Group

It was clear when I joined how devoted the SLT are when it comes to creating a positive work environment. From monthly 1-1’s, to team lunches, there is always an opportunity to share your thoughts and develop relationships, which make coming to work something to look forward to.

Lauren Joined 2023 | The HBP Group

Why Work For Us?Working at The HBP Group

An important part of working at The HBP Group is feeling part our of vision as a business. That means being kept informed on our progress and ultimately feeling proud of working for the business. Your feeling about The HBP Group will be influenced by all 8 Best Companies™ factors and we take specific steps to ensure you are clear on what the company stands for, as well as providing your with opportunities to feel part of everything we do.
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About us…

Our team is made up of highly-skilled experts in IT, software and EPOS. From support services, developers, content-creators to data analysts. We’re all connected by our shared vision: to change the relationship organisations have with technology, which drives us to do what we do.

About you…

You’ll be someone that embraces our values. You’ll help us create our “WOW” moments, be kind, take ownership, show respect, be trustworthy, helpful and self-aware. They’re a key part of our vision and mission and reflect the behaviours and traits of the people who work at The HBP Group.


Supporting both your work and personal life…


We know that having a fantastic work life isn’t all about bean bags and pool tables, so all of our benefits are designed to make a real difference.
We’ve put a lot of work into making The HBP Group an amazing place to work; part of that is our benefits package. Here’s just some of the things we offer to
our team. Don’t hold your breath to read all of these, because there’s a lot…

Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working

Our hybrid working offers the best of both worlds; the option to work from home but also time spent with your colleagues in one of our offices.

Flexible Working

Flexible Working Hours

Our working week is just 35-hours and you have the option to choose the start and end time of your working day, around our office hours (8am – 5pm).

Head Boobs and Balls

Head, Boobs and Balls

We offer free (and anonymous) mental health counselling and if you ever have concerns about your boobs or balls then we pay for a private consultation.

Wellness Days

Wellness Days

Every quarter we hold a wellness events, providing support, guidance and help on a key topic that we believe contributes to a healthy and happy life.

Health Shield

Supporting Your Health

To support your health, and the additional costs of some healthcare, we provide everyone with the option of the Health Shield app.

Holiday Allowance

28-Day Holiday Allowance

Our holiday allowance goes way beyond what most companies offer. You get 28 days, plus bank holidays – that’s at least 36 days off a year.

Annual Bonus

Annual Bonus

Without doubt Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year. That’s why we offer a Christmas bonus scheme, paid to you in November.

All Stars

All Stars Club

The All Stars Club is an annual reward which is voted for by every member of The HBP Group. Winners are treated to an all-inclusive break as recognition.

200 Club

The 200 Club

To recognise over achievement in the BD team, we offer an all-inclusive break to any person who hits the relevant criteria over the course of the year.

Mat Leave

Enhanced Maternity Leave

Motherhood is certainly no walk in the park, which is why it’s important to us that our mothers feel supported; and why offer enhanced maternity pay.

Pat Leave

Enhanced Paternity Leave

To support the new dads, we offer an enhanced paternity package that provide 2 weeks’ full pay at the most special of times.

Adoption Leave

Enhanced Adoption Leave

We endeavour to ensure everyone is given support and encouragement before, during and on their return to work from adoption leave.

Goodbye Leave

Leave to Say Goodbye

Sadly, some of you will lose loved ones during your time with us. So we offer 5 days’ ‘to say goodbye’ leave (and compassionate leave), on full pay.


Looking After Dependents

Most of you will have caring responsibilities, so we provide 2 days in a rolling 12-month period, paid at full pay to look after dependents.


Tailored Training Plans

To carry out your role there will be knowledge and skills you need to master. So, we provide every member of staff with a tailored training plans.


Personal Development Plans

To progress yours skills beyond your immediate job requirements, we’ll either fund specific courses to study inside or outside of work, if you’d like.

Yep, there’s more…

No, seriously!

Staff Discount

The HBP Group Staff Discount

To support both our staff and local businesses, we’ve built our own discount scheme with a combination of local businesses and our customers.

Free Food

Free Food

Every day, we provide a meal to every member of our team who would like one completely free of charge – helping save over £1,700 a year!

Holiday Sell-Back Option

Whilst we like everyone to have a well-earned rest throughout the year, we do offer the option to sell up to 5 days of your annual leave.

Long-Service Awards

As recognition of long-service, we reward anyone that has worked for us for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years (and no doubt more in the future).


The HBP Group Wardrobe

To help everyone look sharp at the office we provide all of our staff with a selection of clothing from The HBP Group Wardrobe.

Bi-Annual Parties

Bi-Annual Appreciation Parties

Twice a year, we feedback to everyone about our performance and have a good ol’ knees up. Great chance to catch-up with colleagues.


Themed Office Activities

We don’t need much of an excuse to host a barbecue when the sun comes out, but we also have mini celebrations throughout the year.

Staff Referral

Staff Referral Scheme

If a person you recommend joins and passes their probation, you get 2,000 big ones added to your next payslip. That’s right, £2,000!


Pension Scheme

Our pension scheme provides those that are eligible with a pension, that has a matched contribution of up to 4% available from us too.


Environmental Policies

A robust ESG plan in place, focussing on 3 key areas: good health and wellbeing, decent work and economic growth and climate action.



We use a psychometric testing to help you, our managers and your colleagues adapt behaviours, to get the best out of each other.


Penny For Your Thoughts

Each year, we ask you to spend some time with one of our leadership team to provide your honest opinions about the business.

Is this the start of your journey with us?

You’ve heard all about us, but we’d love to hear about you! If you are passionate about technology and you’d help us on our mission to create exceptional customer experiences by utilising industry-leading solutions and
processes, we would love to hear from you…


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