PowerPoint Training Course

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What’s included in the PowerPoint training course?

Tailored Training: Covering intermediate or advanced training, bespoke to your business.
Time: 6 hour course, delivered through four 90 minute sessions.

PowerPoint is a powerful tool for presenting, both internally and externally. It gives you the chance to articulate and get across your message visually, to keep people engaged and effectively relay information. Our PowerPoint course will take you through devising a presentation that is specifically required by you, taking you through the following features, to ensure that by the end of the training you are fully comfortable using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Course content includes:

  • How to create a new presentation from scratch and learning how to navigate PowerPoint
  • Shapes, pictures, text boxes and illustrations to create eye-catching visuals
  • Slides and Master Slides so you can effectively manage and organise slides
  • Animating a PowerPoint presentation to help keep viewers engaged
  • Tables within PowerPoint so you can better portray data
  • Transferring information to and from other applications for simplified text input
  • Using colours/themes to automatically change a presentation for easy, automated branding
  • Slide Show and tips for delivering your presentation so you can get your message across as best as possible
  • Basics of delivering a presentation, including delivering presentation with presenter view, PowerPoint live delivery options and techniques of presentation delivery
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