Server Implementation Baseline Pack

Your servers are the heart of your IT network and must be configured correctly and efficiently to allow your system to remain stable and to allow for easy maintenance and management. Our server implementation baseline pack ensures that all key elements of your server are set up for optimal performance, installed in a tidy and logical way for easy management, backed up and fully tested before being put live and handed over to our customer experience team for any ongoing support.


What’s included in the Server Implementation Baseline Pack?

The correct implementation of your server ensures that your IT network is built on a solid foundation to provide ongoing security and stability across your organisation, as well as making certain that you get maximum value from your investment.

This includes:

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  • An initial project management day which includes time to plan the project in detail, liaising with any third-party software suppliers, agreeing the main business priorities, agreeing project timescales and plan any known risks and impacts which form part of the project.
  • On -site configuration of the physical server and network equipment includes the physical set up of the server cabinet for equipment and the racking (or re-racking) of the existing hardware devices into the cabinet.
  • Installation and configuration of servers for their intended purpose, working alongside third parties to provide them access to install any third-party software, the re-installation and setup of network printers, configuration of standard policies and the setup of user permissions and group policies (including mapped drives, Windows updates and desktop backgrounds).
  • QA Testing by The HBP Group to ensure that everything has been configured as expected.
  • Internal handover from the professional services team to the customer experience team and the documentation of all relevant settings and notes for future support or change requests.
  • Configuration of virtual server backups and automatic shutdowns for UPS devices, where required.

Please note, this includes:

  • Reinstall software onto the new server, move any data or databases – including accounting software, phone systems and CCTV as examples.
  • Cabling (new or amends) – needs to be quoted separately.
  • Desk cable management.
  • Cabinet tidying or cable management beyond server cables during installation. If it is required, it can be arranged and performed by our Professional Services team.
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