Stop IT Issues Becoming IT Problems With Proactive IT Support

Most of the downtime experienced by businesses is a direct result of failing to update and maintain IT systems. Did you know that it is recommended by the leading IT authorities that your IT system should be updated every 14 days? With our proactive support services we can ensure that IT issues are prevented, instead of just fixed.

We take the time to understand your situation and match an IT solution to your needs and your budget. Interested? Simply request your Free IT Review, or contact us.

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With a Microsoft certified professional.

With support from one of our Microsoft certified professionals, we will take the time to meet with you and understand your requirements to ensure that we can provide with the right solution for your business that will meet the needs of you and your teams.

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Managed IT Services / Proactive IT Support

Proactive IT support which stops IT issues happening and keeps your network secure.


You’ve no doubt heard the old IT support cliché “turn it off, turn it on again”. And whilst there is a lot more to IT support and managed IT services than simply restarting computers, there is genuinely some logic in this rebooting strategy to fix an IT problem.

The truth is that most users do nothing to help their own computers, and the IT network as a whole, perform better. They download big files, they don’t delete old files, they let their email inboxes swell in size and they never (ever) restart their machine.

These basic steps would make a difference to the performance of each and every computer as well as the overall IT network. Keeping storage space free, reducing the size of unnecessarily large databases and refreshing the setting of a device can make a real difference. When a PC is rebooting, for example, it clears data that has been stored in the machine’s memory as well as clearing any niggling problems that could be occurring.

If we rely on end users to take care of these simple tasks, they would never happen. After all, they’ve got their actual job to do!

Now imagine that same issue taking place across multiple computers, on your servers, on all of your IT equipment and on every piece of software you use.

Add on top of that, the constant threat of cyber crime which actively looks for holes in IT equipment and software to exploit, for which regular patches are released to prevent against these threats.

With a proactive approach to IT all of these areas of covered. From regular reboots of devices, the installation of software patches through to best practice maintenance across your whole IT network.

Yes, it’s a little dull to think about and for the most part you won’t even realise the work is being done, but the outcome of proactive IT support is very, very important.

And what is that outcome? Your IT works. It doesn’t slow down. It doesn’t crash. It doesn’t get exploited by cyber criminals. And, it doesn’t cause you hassle.

We firmly recommend a proactive element to be included in with any of our managed IT support contracts, but our proactive team can also design solutions which can be tailored to work alongside organisations with in-house IT teams who need additional support in this area. Either way, we believe the best way for us to understand your current situation and to advise you on the best proactive IT strategy is to book a Free IT Review.


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How we’ll deliver our proactive approach

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Dedicated IT engineers

We have a fully staffed team that focus entirely on proactive IT services, so every one of our customers gets their patches, updates and fixes rolled out to everyone. That means everything is kept up-to-date and up to scratch.

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Exceptional systems and tools

We don’t just use our expertise, knowledge and industry best practise, but we deliver our services using market-leading Remote Monitoring and Management and support tools that most IT companies simply don’t have.

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Highly accredited IT engineers

The quality of our proactive support areas are related to the technical ability of our staff. That’s why as an absolute minimum, every engineer is Microsoft accredited, so you know you’ve got the very best at your disposal.

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No delays in updates

Our dedicated team perform all patching, software updates and firmware updates in line with guidance from Cyber Essentials, which is the recommended level of security needed in the UK.

Proactive IT support which prepares your business for every scenario

AP Robinson is a well-established firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors with several offices in the north. Knowing they wanted additional IT support services they went out to tender, and chose The HBP Group. Hear from them about how with the help of our Proactive IT support, their accountants are prepared and their business IT secure.

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As well as being friendly, helpful and courteous, they work quickly, and speed is important to us. We have to have our systems up and running all the time

Andrew Robinson, AP Robinson

Not sure where to start?

Our free IT review is the perfect place

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Scoping Icon You’ll speak with an expert IT consultant so we can best understand your business’ individual goals and aspirations.
Audit Icon - Orange Lightbulb with The Word Audit UnderneathOnce we’ve accessed your network, one of our highly skilled IT engineers will complete a fully detailed of your IT.
Visualise Icon - Orange Presentation Board with The Word Visualise UnderneathOur teams will then create a visual diagram of your current setup, so we can identify any gaps that will inhibit growth.
Feedback Icon - Orange People Talking Icon with The Word Feedback UnderneathWe’ll feedback to you, either in person or via video call. We’ll explain and show you your exact current position.
Achieve Icon - Orange Bullseye with The Word Achieve UnderneathFinally, we’ll give you expert recommendations and we’ll get to work with you, helping to future plan and proof.

Award-Winning Managed Service Provider for Businesses That Value Their IT

At The HBP Group, we pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide to our customers. Not only are our response and fix times and customer satisfaction retention figures among the highest in the industry, but we actually focus our time on stopping IT issues happening in the first place, eliminating the never-ending cycle of break-fix IT.

Our managed IT Support services are supported by a wide range of specialisms that help businesses focus on what they do best – running their businesses. Our services include managed IT, proactive IT support, additional IT resource services, IT consultancy, business continuity services, IT procurement, cyber security and modern workplace consultancy.

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Free instant download – Download our Managed Service Provider IT brochure

Whether you’re looking to find out more about our Managed IT Services, IT support and IT solutions or would like a guide to read up on at another time, then our brochure will provide you with all of the information you need.

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See what our customers say

We’ve worked with thousands of businesses, supporting them with IT and technology. With a 99% customer satisfaction rate and 97% customer retention rate, see what our customers have to say about how we help them, from consultation, installation and support for all types of businesses including on-premise, cloud based systems and hybrid IT solutions.

When there was the move into working with you guys, I was very impressed with the vision for the company, the partners that you work with. I think the advice that we’ve always had has always been very sound, very methodical.

Adrian Christy, CEO, Badminton England

We changed everything and of course appointed HBP to support us going forward. The best thing is when somebody rings me in my office and says “this isn’t working” I just say “ring HBP”. That is absolutely the best thing having reliable support.

Chris Harper, Johnstone Insurance

Working with The HBP Group has been a great experience and I would recommend them to other businesses that are looking for an IT provider that takes the time to understand you and come up with the solutions that you want.

Ashley Gamble, CCLG

Why have our customers decided to work with us?

Some common reasons why organisations choose Proactive IT Support

You have an existing proactive IT support provider but aren’t entirely satisfied…

Without doubt, the most common reason people get in touch with us is because their current IT provider isn’t up to scratch.

The truth is, there aren’t lots of bad IT partners out there, but there are lots of bad fits between businesses and IT partners. If you’re unhappy, you’ve not got the right partner.

We work with businesses who value their IT system. Businesses that can’t cope with it being down.

Our Proactive IT Support solutions don’t exist simply to fix problems, but to find way to stop them happening again.

If you feel the same about IT as we do, then the best next step is to request one of our Free IT Reviews.

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You understand the importance of proactive IT support but don’t have a solution in place currently…

If you’ve had a reactive IT service in the past then you’ll acknowledge the fantastic job IT engineers do in fixing problems. However, no-one ever wants their IT to go wrong in the first place!

If IT is an essential part of your business and you simply couldn’t operate without it, then you’ve no doubt realised how important a proactive IT support approach is.

Whether you know exactly what you need or if you need advice and guidance, we can help build a proactive IT strategy which fits your business.

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You’re looking for additional proactive support to help your existing in-house IT team…

If you’ve got your own in-house IT team (or maybe you are the in-house IT team!) then it is very common to partner with an IT support company to share the load. In fact, around 50% of our customers work this way.

In some cases we’ll cover 1st line support and in others 2nd or 3rd line. Other customers lean on us for our expertise in specific areas, such as proactive IT support.

Wherever you need help we can find a solution to fit around your existing team and we’d always suggest a Free IT Review to have a look into the area you need help first.

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The HBP GroupWho Are We?

We consist of three businesses; HBP Systems, Kamarin Computers and Jugo Systems and we cover the vast majority of the UK.

Our teams are at the very heart of what we do, which is what makes our service so amazing. As recognition of our commitment to our staff and making The HBP Group a fantastic place to work, we’ve been awarded a One Star ‘Very Good’ accreditation from Best Companies™.

About Us >

We specialise in providing IT solutions and support to businesses to ensure they use technology effectively and efficiently and can focus on what they do best – running their business.

The HBP Group Structure showing HBP Systems, Kamarin Computers and Jugo Systems

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
about Proactive IT Support

You’re probably not new to the phrase “Proactive IT Support”, but you might be wondering why it’s so important to SMEs so we’ve compiled some of the common Q&As below…

What is “proactive IT support”? ↓

There are seemingly basic steps that make a huge difference to the performance of each and every computer as well as your overall IT…

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network. Keeping storage space free, reducing the size of unnecessarily large databases and refreshing the setting of a device can make a real difference. When a PC is rebooting, for example, it clears data that has been stored in the machine’s memory as well as clearing any niggling problems that could be occurring. That’s why proactive IT support is so important, it doesn’t just wait for issues to arise, it gets ahead of them so they don’t become issues in the first place.

Who should use proactive IT support? ↓

Any business who values their IT and sees it as a critical resource. We firmly recommend a proactive element to…

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be included in with any of our managed IT support contracts, but our proactive team can also design solutions which can be tailored to work alongside organisations with in-house IT teams who need additional support in this area. Proactive IT support is for businesses who want to work more productively and not rely only on break-fix IT support.

What can proactive IT support help with? ↓

Any business that relies on technology to operate efficiently and effectively should consider using proactive IT support…

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This includes businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Maybe you’re a small businesses with limited IT resource, which can make it difficult to stay on top of potential issues.

You could be a mid-size businesses that has some resource, but a larger IT infrastructure that requires ongoing maintenance and support. Proactive IT support can help these businesses stay on top of potential issues and ensure that their systems are running at peak efficiency.

For many businesses, they operate in regulated industries who are subject to strict compliance requirements. Proactive IT support can help you meet regulatory requirements and stay compliant with industry standards.

Why is proactive IT support so important? ↓

Proactive IT support helps you get in front of problems. When you’re proactive with your IT support and infrastructure…

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…you prevent potential problems before they occur, thereby avoiding costly downtime, lost productivity and potential data breaches.

What should I look for when choosing a proactive IT support partner for my business? ↓

You should be looking for an IT partner who takes the time to really understand your business and goals. If we had to pick our top 5 things…

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…to focus on, we’d say:

  • Experience: Look for a provider with a track record of successful proactive-level IT support. Their focus shouldn’t only be response and fix times, but working as hard to stop those issues in the first place.
  • Expertise: Choose a provider with expertise in the areas of IT that are most important to your business. This might include cloud computing, cybersecurity, network infrastructure, software development or other specialised areas.
  • Scalability: Your proactive IT support provider should be able to support your business’s growth and adapt to changes in your IT infrastructure over time.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs): Your proactive IT support provider should offer SLAs that clearly define the level of service you can expect, including response times, uptime guarantees and other key metrics.
  • Communication: Choose a proactive IT support provider that communicates clearly and consistently with your team. They should be available to answer questions, provide updates and work continuously in the background to prevent any IT issues and keep things running smoothly.

How can proactive IT support help improve my company’s productivity and efficiency? ↓

Proactive IT support can help your business run more smoothly, efficiently and securely, allowing you to focus on growth and achieving…

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…your business goals. By monitoring your systems and identifying potential issues, your downtime is greatly decreased.

Proactive IT support providers will monitor your systems for performance issues and identify opportunities for optimisation, helping to improve system performance and reduce the time required to complete tasks. Plus, you’ll benefit from the latest defence technology and will continuously monitor for potential security threats and implement best practices for data protection.

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