24/7 IT Support Services For Businesses That Work Around The Clock

To assist businesses who work different hours, have staff working longer hours or just need that little bit more than normal, we provide an add-on service to our IT support packages to cover you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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How Does Our 24/7 IT Support Package Work?

In order to access our 24/7 IT Support package we ask that businesses tick a few boxes to ensure we can offer our high levels of support both in, and out, of normal working hours. This enables to us to monitor your system, access key areas and respond quickly if there is an issue. This is how it works and what you need…

Our IT support member Joanne smiling while sat at a desk

A (normal hours) IT Support Contract

Any business wishing to use our 24/7 IT support must also be using our standard IT support, but the 24/7 element can simply be added for a fixed price.

Cloud Desktop and VDI

Server Remote Monitoring

To help us monitor and diagnose issues remotely businesses must be using our remote monitoring services on all of their servers.

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24/7 System Critical Support

Our 24/7 IT support covers your business for system critical issues, that are affecting a high proportion of staff or critical business processes.

24 7 IT Support

A Dedicated 24/7 Support Line

You will be provided with a dedicated IT support line and 24/7 access code to speak to our team outside of normal business hours.

The HBP Group Success StoryAdvantage Finance

Advantage Finance provide finance for car loans for used cars and and focus on the non-prime or lower prime markets covering mostly family cars for people who may be in part-time work but need a car for work and have been in business since 1999.

The HBP Group provide a range of services to support their in-house team including 24/7 IT Support.

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We wanted to have someone that would understand what Advantage was about, to understand that we didn’t want to pass everything over to them to manage, but to work alongside us.

Mike Walker, IT Infrastructure Director at Advantage Finance

How Our 24/7 IT Support Service Works

We’ve built our business with a core focus on looking after our customers and ensuring that they never want to leave! That’s why we can boast a 97% customer retention rate and a 99% customer satisfaction score from our completed support tickets – two statistics that are way above the industry average.

If you’re looking to add additional cover to an existing IT contract from us, or move to us for the first time, then this how our IT support, with 24/7 cover, works…

Jo from our IT support team sat at desk smiling

A Direct Line To Support

That’s right, no receptionist or call handlers will stand in the way of you contacting our support desk, instead you get a direct line to the IT team so you can speak to someone straight away.

If you’re calling out of hours then you’ll phone the same number but just use your 24/7 support access code to get through to the team covering emergency support.

Colin and Andy providing IT support while at desk looking at a computer screen

Dedicated Support Engineers

Unlike smaller IT companies, we don’t mix and match the responsibilities of our team. We have a fully staffed IT support desk that focus entirely on answering customer calls and resolving queries and issues.

The same team that cover our normal working hours also rotate to cover our out-of-hours service too, so you’ll get the same fantastic levels of service any time you call.

IT Support team member Darren looking at his tablet while crouching next to a computer server

System Critical Issues

During normal working hours, your IT support contract covers any issues you have relating to your system.

For out-of-hours 24/7 support queries we cover any issues that are considered system critical that are affecting a large proportion of staff or a business essential function (i.e. server down).

Karl sat at a desk talking on the phone and providing IT support to a customer

Managed and Monitored Tickets

The process of managing support tickets and allocating them to our engineers in an efficient manner is a vital component in the high quality of service that we offer.

Ticket volumes are measured in real time so that workload is balanced between engineers and with a simple two-tier support split, allowing us to escalate issues within the team, we can quickly get the right people allocated to the right jobs.

Tony is standing at workbench fixing a computer for one of our IT support customers

Highly Accredited Engineers

The quality of support provided is directly related to the technical ability of our staff, which is why, as a minimum, every one of our IT support engineers is Microsoft accredited as a minimum.

From there we specialise engineers in key areas of IT, so everything from servers, operating systems, Office 365, cyber security, connectivity and phone systems are all covered by a team of experts.

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A Personal Service

To ensure that you have a dedicated point of contact within The HBP Group, we assign you an Account Manager who oversees our support contracts with you. All of our account managers have a huge amount of experience in the IT industry and have all worked in a technical capacity, so they understand IT.

As well as providing regular updates, statistics and reviews of our performance, your account manager will also help you with anything else you need from us.

The HBP GroupWho Are We?

Our organisation consists of three businesses; HBP Systems Ltd. Kamarin Computers Ltd and Jugo Systems. HBP are based in Lincolnshire, Kamarin in Cambridgeshire and Jugo in Hampshire. Between us we cover the vast majority of the UK and work under The HBP Group name to provide a seamless service between our northern and southern offices.

About Us

We specialise in providing IT solutions and support to businesses to ensure they use technology effectively and efficiently and can focus on what they do best – running their business.

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