HP Aruba Switch Baseline Pack

An Aruba switch is a device that helps connect multiple computers, servers, printers and other network devices within an organisation, acting as a central hub that allows these devices to communicate with each other and safely share information.


What’s included in the HP Aruba Switch Baseline Pack?

Aruba switches are scalable, able to support small and medium businesses and provide fast, low-latency connectivity to ensure that even the most demanding applications run smoothly. They’re a reliable and cost-effective investment, with higher spec models coming with a lifetime warranty. Our HP Aruba Implementation Pack provides configuration to ensure that even the most demanding applications don’t affect your network.

This includes:

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  • Configuration of the network connections, ensuring PCs and phones connect correctly to the main system, locking everything down with secure passwords for administration and the setup of all basic settings to allow for easy management in the future.
  • Performing a complete update of all existing firmware, to ensure they’re running on latest versions for security purposes and ensuring a backup of the settings, either to a server or as a manual backup, to ensure data can be restored in the event of power-related outages or to resume continuation of how it worked in the event the switch dies.
  • Configuration of the switch to ensure no blank ports are incorrectly patched to it for cyber security protection and to ensure no one without correct access settings can plug into it.

Please note, this includes:

  • Cabinet tidying or cable management beyond wrapping the switches cables during installation. If it is required, it can be arranged and performed by our Professional Services team.
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