Stop Spam Before It Stops Your Day With An Intelligent Spam Protection Solutions For Businesses

Message Defence ensures that malicious and potentially malicious emails don’t even reach your email inbox whilst intelligently learning about your email behaviours as you work. Incoming email is scanned outside of your network, stopping any unwanted emails before they even enter your network for maximum protection.


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Protect Your Business Against The Most Common Form Of Cyber Attack – Spam.

Message Defence protects your business against malicious emails, unwanted emails and phishing attacks by intelligently scanning and blocking emails before they reach your IT network. With vast knowledge on email based threats, Message Defence can identify and prevent known threats from reaching your inbox as well as learning about the type of emails you do and don’t want to receive to completely personalise your experience.


Block Threats Before They Reach Your IT Network

Message Defence scans and blocks emails before they reach your network by sitting between your email delivery service and your network. This means that malicious threats are intercepted, scanned and blocked before they can cause any harm to your IT system.

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Personalise Your Email Delivery Options

With Message Defence you can easily mark emails as “Spam” or “Not Spam” to inform Message Defence about the type of emails you want to receive. This helps filter the email subscriptions you’ve signed up for and those that you haven’t.

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Simply Email and Spam Security

Message Defence is simple and easy to deploy and protects users no matter what device they use. Options can be managed from a central portal allowing network wide rules to be applied which users manage their own preferences from their own account.

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The HBP Group Success StoryAdvantage Finance

Advantage Finance provide finance for car loans for used cars, with over 170 staff working for them. See how we supported IT Infrastructure Director. Mike Walker, and his team with proactive IT solutions and their cyber security strategy.

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We wanted to have someone that would understand what Advantage was about, to understand that we didn’t want to pass everything over to them to manage, but to work alongside us.

Mike Walker, IT Infrastructure Director at Advantage Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Message Defence protect against email threats?
Message Defence uses a multilayered approach to provide protection available against spam, viruses, spoofing, phishing and spyware attacks. An added benefit of Message Defence is the optimised processing of each email to maximise performance and capability to filter millions of messages per day.

How is email filtered?
Deployed at the network perimeter, all incoming email must pass through all 12 defense layers of Message Defence before any of it can reach the intended recipients. The defense layers are grouped into two main classes: connection management, which involves dropping incoming mail connections before receiving messages, and mail scanning, which analyses messages upon receipt. During the filtering process, emails are checked for new and familiar spammer attacks, viruses, and customized administrator policy violations. Based on administrator and user preferences, spam can be tagged, quarantined or blocked.

Why tag email? What happens to tagged emails?
Tagging email benefits organisations by easily identifying messages that meet set criteria. Tagged emails are delivered to the recipient with a customisable label, such as [BULK], that is added to the subject of the message.

Why quarantine email? What happens to quarantined email?
Quarantining emails is a safeguard that allows for examination of questionable messages prior to accepting or rejecting; typically, quarantined email does turn out to be spam. An administrator can choose two types of email quarantine: global or per user quarantine.
When configured for global quarantine, Message Defence routes all quarantined email to a mailbox specified by the administrator. When configured for per user quarantine, Message Defence stores the email locally and notifies users periodically of their quarantined email. Users can choose to delete quarantined email, forward it to their own mailboxes or whitelist the sender address to prevent future email from being quarantined.

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