Enhancing Data Protection with Cyber Essentials

Watch our video case study to see how we helped Core Prosects to achieve their Cyber Essentials accreditation.

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About Core Prospects

Core Prospects is a family business in the health and social care sector who work with vulnerable adults.

Working with them within a supported living environment, Core Prospects help them to gain independence and develop skills in order to require less support in the future.

They work with local authorities and the NHS who commission them to provide the the care and support and are continually looking to improve what they do and be the best they can be.


The Reason For Cyber Essentials

We didn’t need to get Cyber Essentials but we wanted to because technology is essential to everything we
do. Cyber security is important because we’re dealing with sensitive data. We’re dealing with medical records.

Cyber Essentials provides the extra layer of quality assurance that we can offer our customers to say
that “look, you know your data is secure.”

Leon Beccles, Managing Director at Core Prospects


The Solution

Firstly there was an assessment based upon our current IT systems. Someone from The HBP Group looked at all of our systems. Once that was done we were given a report which had recommendations on what we need to do in order to improve our systems and to reduce the chances of any data breaches.

And then then we implemented it.
Leon Beccles, Managing Director at Core Prospects


You guys definitely know what you’re doing. I think the customer service was good which is why I’ve come back for more and more.

Leon Beccles, Managing Director at Core Prospects

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