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Unlike many other Managed Service Providers, we don’t only focus on fixing your IT issues when they happen, but equally on stopping them from happening in the first place. Why is that important? Here’s what your staff think about their IT support and technology*…

97% consider technology essential to their role.
43% feel ill-equipped to use technology effectively.
76% say instable technology hinders their ability to work effectively.
42 minutes: the average disruption time an IT failure creates, per user.

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With support from one of our Microsoft Certified Professionals we will take the time to audit your existing processes, before providing a visual diagram of your network and discussing how we can help you.

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80% It Pros 2


Robert Lambert, Marcomms, Ulrick & Short.

“The migration was done effectively, quickly and with very little downtime. Whenever we call the helpdesk, we’re put straight through, the people on the other end are always friendly and we come to a solution quickly.”
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35% cloud IT


Ashley Gamble, Chief Executive, CCLG.

“The IT solutions we were previously using were old and slow. Before, we were part of a wider network, and we encountered a lot of difficulties and limitations because of this. Staff struggled to work remotely.”
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44% remote work


Adrian Christy, CEO, Badminton England

“I was getting so much frustration expressed to me from members of staff. For a company that is increasingly reliant on data and the usage and sharing of data to manage our growth, we needed to be better than that.”
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£4200 cyber attack


Andrew Robinson, Managing Partner, AP Robinson

“All the confidence we placed in them at the start of our contract has come to fruition. We have had no issues and no problems. As well as being friendly, helpful and courteous, they work quickly, and speed is important to us.”
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Nearly 80% of IT professionals report saving money and seeing more productivity and better security as a result of using cloud

Thanks to a move to the cloud, Badminton England have enjoyed better connected data to support an increase in productivity, and ongoing IT support has allowed their business to thrive and grow.

The responsiveness from the support team is terrific and our organisation has felt the real benefit of that responsiveness.” – Adrian Christy, CEO, Badminton England.


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A Managed IT Provider who can help you make the most of your IT network and infrastructure

The HBP Group are a Managed IT Provider, that cover every element of a business’ IT infrastructure. And we’ve been supporting businesses for over 30 years now. Whether you have an existing setup, or you’re looking to upgrade your systems, we have a highly-accredited team, who look after all virtually every element of an IT network.

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Managed IT Support

We’ll cover every element of your IT network and infrastructure for a fixed per user, monthly cost, so you can focus on running your business.
Managed IT Support >

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Professional Services

Expert project consultancy, management and delivery across a range of different IT areas to support your business achieve growth and success.
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Cyber Security

We offer a range of cyber security services and solutions, to help keep your business and data protected and your reputation intact.
Cyber Security >

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Modern Workplace

Our team of Microsoft experts can help you increase productivity and collaboration across your business with a Modern Workplace approach.
Modern Workplace >

What do you want to get out of your IT support?

Fast Responses

Exceptionally fast responses

We have simple service level agreements to our customers of 1-hour response for standard support issues, with an elevated 15-minute response for when business critical issues occur. So you’ll never be left waiting long.

No Issue Too Big

No issue too big

We invest in our team, so people can be confident when they invest in us. Regardless of the specific area, our IT teams are highly trained and accredited and are experts when it comes to their technical fields.

Call Queues

No long call queues

Unlike smaller IT support providers, we don’t mix and match the roles of our team and we have dedicated teams on a fully staffed IT support desk that focus entirely on answering customer calls and resolving queries.

All Areas

Every IT area covered

We cover every area of your IT. We also don’t just use our expertise, knowledge and industry best practice, but we deliver our services using market-leading tools that most IT companies simply don’t have.

400+ UK business’ favourite managed service provider

Free instant download – Download our Managed Service Provider IT brochure

Whether you’re looking to find out more about our Managed IT Services, IT support and IT solutions or would like a guide to read up on at another time, then our brochure will provide you with all of the information you need.

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Why is your choice of MSP provider so important to your teams?

Our Big Tech Survey* is a tool we use with organisations who are looking to change their current relationship with IT. We strongly believe that users should be at the heart of any change to technology within an organisation, so we gather their views and opinions before making any decisions.

Why is your choice of MSP provider so important to your teams?

Our Big Tech Survey* is a tool we use with organisations who are looking to change their current relationship with IT. We strongly believe that users should be at the heart of any change to technology within an organisation, so we gather their views and opinions before making any decisions.

62% were unhappy with previous support

When assessing a network managed by another IT company, we found that the majority (62%) feel negatively about the IT support experience received when in need of help.

36% experience IT problems at least weekly

36% of employees experience IT problems on at least a weekly basis, with over half reporting IT problems every month, so fast and reliable responses are paramount.

76% say instable tech restricts performance

76% of employees believe that the instability of their technology tools is restricting their ability to perform at work and fulfil their potential, so reducing your output.

60% say tech investment is inadequate

Just 40% of employees feel that the business they work for have invested adequately in high quality IT and tech. Without proper tools which are used effectively, productivity will be low.

43% do not feel well equipped

43% do not feel well equipped, or trained, in the tech tools they have available, despite the importance of IT in their role. We prioritise both so you get the most from your tech.

97% consider technology as essential

97% of employees consider technology essential to carrying out their role effectively and 80% felt very strongly about how essential IT is to their role.

The HBP GroupWho Are We?

We consist of three businesses; HBP Systems, Kamarin Computers and Jugo Systems and we cover the vast majority of the UK.

Our teams are at the very heart of what we do, which is what makes our service so amazing. As recognition of our commitment to our staff and making The HBP Group a fantastic place to work, we’ve been accredited twice (in as many years!) by Best Companies™.

About Us >

We specialise in providing IT solutions and support to businesses to ensure they use technology effectively and efficiently and can focus on what they do best – running their business.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
about Managed IT Support

If you’re new to the phrase “Managed IT Support” or “Managed Service Provider” then we’ve compiled some of the common Q&As below…

What does “Managed IT Services” mean? ↓

Managed IT Services is a term used to describe the combination of both reactive and proactive IT support services into a single package…

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Typically Managed IT Services are used by small and medium sized businesses who do not have their own IT department or want to add additional skills to their existing IT resource. By outsourcing support to a Managed Services Provider they gain in terms of both resource and expertise.

Support packages can vary but in most scenarios they will cover everything from end user devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc.), all core network infrastructure (servers, switches, routers, UPSs, SANs etc.), any network related software (security, backup etc.) and will also cover proactive services, such as operating system patching, so that there is minimal involvement required from anyone else other than the Managed Service Provider.

How much is a Managed Service Provider? ↓

Packages for a Managed Service Provider are normally on a per user, per month or a per user, per year pricing structure…

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Following a review of the UK market we found that the range of pricing from Managed Service providers was between around £300 and £800 per user, per year.

The difference in pricing between different providers can be attributed to the location of the provider (prices are higher in London, for example) and also the levels of service provided. Whilst Managed IT Support packages tend to cover the same core functions, there can be differences in the proactive elements which involve additional software (such as remote monitoring software) or pre-packaged labour time for proactive maintenance.

Who should use a Managed Service Provider? ↓

It’s typically small and medium sized businesses (also known as SMEs or SMBs) who use a Managed Service provider. Those with between 10…

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…and 200 members of staff.

Businesses and organisations of this size normally have limited in-house IT resource, or no resource at all, and therefore look to add both expertise and additional resource in order to get their IT issues resolved quickly.

A wide range of industries opt for Managed IT Support service and our clients include businesses in virtually every industry including accountants, solicitors, manufacturers, distributors, charities, membership organisations, breweries and lots more!

What’s included in your Managed IT Service? ↓

As a Managed Service Provider, our managed IT support can be broken down into three key areas that really sets us apart from other IT providers claiming…

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…to offer managed IT support services. We use technology and systems that prevent IT issues from ever happening in the first place. Through constant monitoring in the background of all your operations, we perform regular updates and patches to systems on a large scale to all customers, so you’ll never have to wait for them and we implement and maintain best practice IT and cyber security policies to reduce breaches.

We offer direct access to a highly trained and experienced support desk. This could be for when you need to know how to do something (like adding a new starter or do something in Word or Excel), we’ll be there to support you. Our accredited engineers help your team use their technology better every day.

There’s everything you’ll get with traditional support too. If it’s broke, we’ll fix it. Our expert technical team are here to help you with those issues that occur that must be fixed as quickly as possible, so your teams can carry on with their days and be as productive as their coffee allows them. These can be issues such as slow-running PCs, keyboards that won’t work or as serious as cyber-attacks.


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