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Watch our video case study to see how we helped Dawson Construction Plant to improve their IT solutions and IT support services.

The HBP Group
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About Dawson Construction Plant

Dawson Construction Plant are based in Milton Keynes and are manufacturers of heavy construction machinery. Their equipment is used by a wide range of industries across the world. With over 45 years of experience they operate with a team of 35 people from a seven acre site.

Dawson Construction Plant began working with Kamarin Computers and The HBP Group following our purchase of Ivy Limited whom Dave Brown, MD at Dawson Construction Plant, had dealt with for a number of years.

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The Reason For Working With The HBP Group

We worked with Ivy for many years and we’d been with them for a decade or so when we heard we’d now be connecting with a company called Kamarin and the HBP Group. It wasn’t the best news of the day but like always we wanted to hear what the route to that relationship could be and as it happens it’s worked out really well and we’ve been delighted with it.
Dave Brown, Dawson Construction Plant

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The Solution

Over the last few years we have rationalised our server infrastructure. We had six servers running, each doing their various applications, and that’s been rationalised down to one virtualised server set up which is backed up both on site and off premise each night. So although we are still on-premise it’s certainly considerably more rationalised than it was in years gone by. And to see things like email systems and file shares up in the cloud, that’s pretty comforting because although we couldn’t operate without the ERP system running in the background the reality is if we didn’t have email we’re really in a tight spot.
Dave Brown, Dawson Construction Plant

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I found Kamarin an excellent company to work with. I think we’ve maintained the relationship level that you get with a smaller company and we’ve benefited from the larger depth of experience and resource of a larger company, so i think Kamarin had=ve done an excellent job in blending those two areas.
Dave Brown, Dawson Construction Plant

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