Pegasus Opera 3 Accounts Software Is Flexible By Design

Pegasus Opera 3 Accounts Software is a completely modular accounts solution meaning you can bespoke your package to your finance department’s needs and required functionality. With accounting and financials at its core you choose the additional modules as you need them. We offer implementation, support and training for Pegasus Opera 3.

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Pegasus Opera 3 Accounts Software

Pegasus Opera 3 is an integrated accounts solution providing innovative business management and accounting software management for your business. The modular system setup allows you to build a system that fits your exact business requirements and add additional functionality as your business grows. The Financials module comes as standard, with each additional module having the ability to be added on when you need it, eliminating the headache of separate solutions for finance, payroll, CRM, supply chain and much more.

Pegasus Opera 3 is flexible enough to meet the requirements of almost any business, in any industry, plus with additional functionality, it can be particularly suited to businesses that operate in the distribution, wholesale, construction and service industries.

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Are You Familiar With Pegasus Opera 3?

You may have heard of other accounts software provider such as Sage but have you heard of Pegasus? We’ve been a Pegasus Platinum Partner for over 30 years, helping businesses like yours implement, train and support staff. If you want to know a little bit more about whether Pegasus Opera 3 would be a good fit for your business, we suggest you take our Free Accounts Software Review. During the review we’ll work with you to identify your three biggest areas of pain with your current accounts solution and show you how to fix them.

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Ready to Run Smarter, Faster Software?

Did you know that Pegasus Opera 3 can be hosted on premise or in the cloud? With cloud based hosting you can access your data 24/7, on the move or at the office. Managing accounts on the go and from multiple locations is a must for most business. You require the same power and resource wherever you are and Pegasus Opera 3 provides that. Perfect for busy manufacturers distributing goods between multiple locations and professional services companies who require fast processed transactions across multiple offices.

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Seamlessly Integrate with Office 365.

Did you know you can integrate your Pegasus Opera 3 accounts software with your Microsoft Office 365 solution? Start managing all of your business process in one place, saving you time and money. Using real time data you can connect your sales team out on the road with your finance team in the office providing clarity and ‘see through’ accounts for the business as a whole. If you’re looking at Pegasus Opera 3 as a way to support a growing business this really is a selling point (in our opinion).

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Make Informed Decisions With Detailed Reports

Pegasus Opera 3 has powerful reporting capabilities meaning you can spend less time sorting out the admin of excel spreadsheets and more time making brilliant decisions about your financials. Produce month end, quarterly or yearly reports quickly and dive into business analysis by exploring every area of your financials with it’s complex reporting capabilities. Your accounts team can support the business growth plan with financial knowledge easily available to drive success.

The HBP Group Success StoryTechnica Ltd

Technica Ltd are an engineering solutions company based in Grimsby, with over 50 members of staff and continuous growth, they needed an accounts package that could keep up with them. From reviewing their current solution HBP found a migration to a more suitable accounts package would be best. Watch the video see what they did and how it benefitted their business.

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We were really confident with them as a partner and knew that HBP had our best interests at heart. The level of data we’ve now got on our financial information within the business is far greater, far better than we’ve ever had before, everyone has taken to the new Sage package seamlessly.

Richard Law, Techinca Ltd

Pegasus Opera 3 Account Software – Support, Advice and Guidance For Your Business

Our wonderful Pegasus Opera 3 support team are just a phone call away should you hit any bumps in the road with your accounts software. Here also if you need some friendly advice or require a discussion about add on modules to help make your team even more efficient in your support of the business. Years of experience and thousands of customers mean that our team can pretty much answer anything, they also work hard on creating useful resources for you to help train new members of the team, refresh your own memory on certain functionality and are always creating reporting guides or sharing updates on new releases.

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Pegasus Opera 3 Support

We are one of the longest standing Pegasus partners in the UK, providing and supporting Pegasus solutions to customers for over 30 years. If you’ve got a problem, our team have probably heard it before, which helps us keep an average 20 minute response time and 8 hour fix time. As a software company we’re approved by Pegasus to implement and support all add ons and modules your business needs.

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Our Useful Resources

We’ve been a Pegasus partner for many years which is why we’re accredited to provide Pegasus Opera 3 training whether it be face-to-face sessions to help train super users in your business, or producing webinars and videos to display functionality. We’ll help you get the most out of Pegasus Opera 3 with our very popular Beginners Guide that takes you step-by-step through Pegasus Opera 3 financials modules and supply chain management. You can view Part 1 of our Pegasus Beginners Guide on the link below.

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Is Pegasus Opera 3 The Right Accounts Software For Your Business?

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Our advice and guidance is always free and we’re happy to talk to any business, no matter what stage of the thought process they’re going through. We have built our business on the values of trustworthiness and passion and will happily provide assistance to you, so if you want a chat, just get in touch.

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Pegasus Opera 3 Core Modules Include:

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The Financials application is the core element of the system and tracks all revenue generated by a business. It consists of the core ledgers as well as additional functionality to manage cash payments, handle multi-currency and make online VAT100 submissions. Financials integrates with the rest of Opera 3, so financial data can be accessed by other applications, when necessary, and key information about stock, customers and projects can be made available to Financials users.

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Payroll & HR Functionality

The Payroll module provides all the functionality a business needs to work out PAYE, NI contributions and statutory payments, as well as adhering to all HMRC PAYE standards. The application is completely scalable and therefore can be used by both small and large companies and groups with multiple businesses. Training, disciplinary, absence, role changes and salary can all be documented on your employees within the HR section.

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Service & Helpdesk Management

Provide after-sales service and care with the Service & Helpdesk Management module. Through complete integration with CRM, Invoicing/SOP and Stock Control, you get a complete overview of customer contracts, past sale interactions and a history of service and helpdesk calls. The application acts as a centralised database of all customer service callouts, helpdesk support calls, installations, preventative maintenance and provides the tools to plan, track and resolve issues and activities.

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Personal Data

This extremely easy to use tool identifies personal data and presents it in the required format. Now GDPR is in effect, this tool will prove invaluable when Subject Access Requests (SAR), which you are legally required to provide, come in from your customers, prospects and clients. Opera 3 stores data across a wide variety of modules from payroll records to cashbook and CRM; Personal Data Search works across every module and can output the data in a usable Excel or .csv format.

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This award-winning module allows companies to access and view key business information quickly and easily. Pegasus XRL is the powerful reporting tool, Pegasus Dashboards provide key info in real-time and Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) sends messages to users. Pegasus XRL accesses the data held within Opera 3 and allows you to analyse this data in Microsoft Excel, which has a wealth of features that allow you to analyse your business in greater detail.

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Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Pegasus’s CRM provides tools for marketing campaigns to be sent and traced, sales opportunities can be updated from start-to-finish to ensuring they’re always followed up effectively and efficiently. Details of all mailers, emails, phone calls and appointments can be logged against a company and its individual staff, to provide a historical view of communications. Raise quotations quickly with integration to the Supply Chain Management and Financials applications.

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Securely access and edit data, held within your system, across a wide range of devices, including tablets and smart phones. A web portal is also available for staff to access and manage their own information. Staff can check their allocated and used holiday days, access their payslips and update their address, if they move to a new house, all without first having to go through HR. The amount of data that each user can view and edit is all controlled through allocating user permissions.

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Quickly and easily capture and store any type of document and store it against the relevant record in your Opera system. Customer orders, supplier invoices, delivery notes, credit notes, timesheets and general documents can all be stored in the Pegasus Document Management application, electronically or by scanning. The module allows non-users of Opera 3 to streamlines processes and send documents quickly to Document Management straight from a Windows desktop.

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Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

The CIS module is fully compliant with HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme. Providing construction businesses with the tools required to manage contracts and projects, ensuring jobs are completed on time and in budget. Every element of your projects can be controlled with the CIS application, including the use of stock, plant hire, employee time, payment applications, invoicing, aged debt and retention.

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Supply Chain Management

This module allows businesses to manage, in batch, their sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes, statements and stock procedures, ensuring that customer orders are fulfilled on-time and within budget. With integration to Financials, all the information required is available in both parts of the system, allowing stock checks to be carried out in real-time, with no overlap.

What does Dynamics 365 Business Central do

Excel Reporting
with XRL

With the Pegasus XRL module, Microsoft Excel can access live data in Opera 3 at the click of a mouse, so you don’t have to copy and paste, re-key or work out formulas. For years, accounting system users have had to struggle with complicated and inflexible reporting tools that are supposed to make things easier. In reality, they make extracting data into Excel a real trial. Well, not anymore with XRL.

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Looking For Other Modules?

Did you know you can enhance and build upon Pegasus’ Existing Functionality with third party modules.
We offer a range of add-ons which enhance the standard features in Opera 3. The add-ons are written by our team of accredited Pegasus developers and include Stock Control, EPOS integration, Ecommerce link, Bill of Materials, Credit Pursuit plus more. Contact Us to discuss available Add Ons.

Did You Know You Can Reduce Costs With Cloud Hosting?

Our data centre provides a cost-effective and secure solution for small and medium sized businesses looking to host Pegasus Opera 3 accounts software in the Cloud without the high costs and need for an on-premise server. We understand that every business has different needs so we’ve tailored our solution to match the most common requirements of SMEs.

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Not Sure If Pegasus Opera 3 Is The Right Fit?

We are one of the longest standing Pegasus partners in the UK, providing and supporting Pegasus solutions to customers for over 30 years. We can not only help you transition from your previous accounts package to Pegasus Opera 3 but also implement, support and train your team on how to use the software. If your business begins to grow and your requirements grow with it, our knowledgeable team will advise on modules to help your business expand.

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How To Choose The Right Accounts Software?

Are you looking to change or update your accounts package? No idea where to start? Why not start with our free accounts software review? We’ll discuss your 3 biggest challenges and show you how to fix them, then recommend a solution to suit your business.

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Looking For Pegasus Opera 3 Support?

Is your Opera 3 accounts software support due for renewal? Are you looking for a competitive price? With average response times of 20 mins and fix times of 8 hours, we’re certain we can support your business and offer competitive quotes.

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Could You Reduce Costs With Cloud Hosting?

Did you know the likes of Pegasus Opera 3 and other accounts software can all be hosted in the cloud to help you reduce running costs? Not only does this keep your data safe and secure but you can access that data securely from anywhere.

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Who are The HBP

Want to know more about us and how we work? All that information is available to you along with details of our accreditations, case studies from our customers and some further information about our 40 year history providing software and IT solutions.

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The HBP GroupWho Are We?

Our organisation consists of three companies; HBP Systems Ltd, Kamarin Computers Ltd and Jugo Systems. HBP are based in Lincolnshire, Kamarin in Cambridgeshire and Jugo in Hampshire. Between us we cover the vast majority of the UK and work under The HBP Group name to provide a seamless service between our northern and southern offices.

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We specialise in providing accounts software solutions and accounts software support to businesses in multiple industries across the UK. Our 40+ years experience and award winning support, means you’re in safe hands.

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Businesses and Organisations Who Rely on The HBP Group for Accounts Software Support & Solutions

We help businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Because we always start our process by discussing business requirements, we have helped a huge number of organisations improve efficiency and reporting within their finance departments by choosing the right solution for their organisation.

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