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Protecting your business with a layered cyber security approach. That means defending your technology at every level: from PCs to gateways and, finally, your staff.


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Cyber Security / Cyber Security Solutions

Invest in a layered approach to cyber security before you get hacked, not after.

Keeping your IT infrastructure and data safe is paramount to the success of your business. With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly more sophisticated, it’s really important to stay ahead when it comes to your cyber security, but how?

We always recommend a layered approach to your cyber security.

A layered approach to cybersecurity is what it says on the tin. It involves implementing multiple layers of security measures to protect your organisation’s digital assets from various types of cyber threats. Each layer of security is designed to provide a different level of protection against cyber-attacks and the different layers work together to create a robust and effective cybersecurity system.

Think of your cyber security like a layered cake (everybody likes cake!). Your base layer is about protecting your PCs. This could be the likes of anti-malware and anti-spam. Your middle layer is the protection of your gateways, with the help of firewalls – which must be configured properly by an expert to ensure their effectiveness. Then, you’ve got your top layer, which is your staff. This is where you’ll introduce multi-factor authentication and threat simulations.

The layered approach is beneficial for several reasons. First, it provides multiple levels of defence against cyber threats, making it much harder for attackers to breach your systems. Second, the approach is flexible and adaptable, allowing you to customise your security measures to suit your specific needs. Finally, a layered approach helps to reduce the risk of a single point of failure in your cybersecurity system, as even if one layer is compromised, there are still other layers in place to protect against attacks.

If you’re not sure where to start, book a consultation above, or request a free IT review, where we’ll learn everything we need to know about your business so we can best advise.


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How can our cyber security experts create
your layered approach to cyber threats?


Microsoft Defender

Protection against malicious emails and junk mail, and one of your biggest threats: your staff. Defender covers various endpoints, so you can focus on your business, knowing it’s safe.
Defender >


Microsoft MFA

Microsoft Multifactor Authentication (MFA) gives your business a much needed additional layer of security to protect your sensitive information and resources from being hacked.


Microsoft Encryption

Microsoft encryption provides an added layer of security and confidentiality to sensitive information, such as financial data, customer records, or intellectual property.
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Microsoft Intune and Autopilot

Intune simplifies and speeds up app and device management across your devices, whilst Autopilot automates those processes, saving you plenty of time.
Intune and Autopilot >

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WatchGuard Firewalls

WatchGuard firewalls use a combination of technologies, such as intrusion prevention, malware defence, web filtering and advanced threat detection to keep your systems safe and secure.
WatchGuard Firewalls >


Draytek Firewalls

A comprehensive protection against unauthorised access, malware and other cyber-attacks, all centralised for easy management, protecting you from data breaches and loss.
Draytek Firewalls >

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SolarWinds® Patch Manager

This simplifies the steps in patch management—from scheduling, to deployment and reporting—helping keep everything patched and compliant for your added peace of mind.
Patch Manager >

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Altaro 365 Backup

Easily and safely back up all your company’s Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes, Teams and OneDrive and SharePoint files, so you never lose any of your valuable data.
Altaro >

The modern workplace can unify your business and processes.

Badminton England, the governing body for the sport, had become increasingly less reliant on the government funding, and so became more and more reliant on a robust IT infrastructure to manage their business, share information, develop and engage more people. See how we helped connect their systems and data.

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The advice we’ve had has always been very sound and very methodical.

Adrian Christy, Badminton England

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HBP Group IT Support and Installations

Free Cyber Security Training

Aside from implementing a robust cyber security services and software strategy, it’s vital that you cover the other big risk in your organisation: your staff.

A combination of poor passwords and a lack of care and attention can create holes in your cyber security strategy that allows cyber criminals an easy way in. One of the ways to tackle this is to train your staff, but where do you start?

Luckily, we’ve recorded a series of cyber security training sessions, aimed at end users, which cover email, social engineering and passwords – all available on YouTube, completely free.

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Why choose The HBP Group?

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Support from start to finish

Every journey with us starts with our free IT or cyber strategy review. A fully accredited Microsoft engineer and consultant assesses your current set up, and will help you understand your areas of weakness or concern.

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Fully accredited

We invest in our team, so people can be confident when they invest in us. Regardless of the specific area, our IT teams are highly trained and accredited and are experts when it comes to their technical fields.

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Industry-leading SLAs & XLAs

It’s critical for your business that issues are resolved quicker than ever, which is why we pride ourselves on our exceptional SLAs. Not only those, but our market-leading XLAs too, helping deliver a world-class service.

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Exceptional systems and tools

We don’t just use our expertise, knowledge and industry best practise, but we deliver our services using market-leading Remote Monitoring and Management and support tools that most IT companies simply don’t have.

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Project management

All our projects are fully planned and documented, which is key in alleviating pressure from you and your teams. Our project plans are detailed and cover every base, and you’ll have final sign off of every detail.

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Dedicated IT support engineers

Unlike smaller IT support providers, we don’t mix and match the roles of our team. We have a fully staffed IT support desk that focus entirely on answering customer calls, resolving queries and issues.

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Dedicated account managers

To ensure that you have a dedicated point of contact within The HBP Group that is always reachable, we assign you a highly-experienced Account Manager who oversees our support contracts with you.

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Professional sounding board

When you outsource IT, we get to use our knowledge and expertise to be impartial once we know your business and goals. We’ll be the sounding board to help you navigate big decisions, or complement existing teams.

Award-Winning Managed Service Provider for Businesses That Value Their IT

At The HBP Group, we pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide to our customers. Not only are our response and fix times and customer satisfaction retention figures among the highest in the industry, but we actually focus our time on stopping IT issues happening in the first place, eliminating the never-ending cycle of break-fix IT.

Our managed IT Support services are supported by a wide range of specialisms that help businesses focus on what they do best – running their businesses. Our services include managed IT, proactive IT support, additional IT resource services, IT consultancy, business continuity services, IT procurement, cyber security and modern workplace consultancy.

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Whether you’re looking to find out more about our Managed IT Services, IT support and IT solutions or would like a guide to read up on at another time, then our brochure will provide you with all of the information you need.

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See what our customers say

We’ve worked with thousands of businesses, supporting them with IT and technology. With a 99% customer satisfaction rate and 97% customer retention rate, see what our customers have to say about how we help them, from consultation, installation and support for all types of businesses including on-premise, cloud based systems and hybrid IT solutions.

When there was the move into working with you guys, I was very impressed with the vision for the company, the partners that you work with. I think the advice that we’ve always had has always been very sound, very methodical.

Adrian Christy, CEO, Badminton England

We changed everything and of course appointed HBP to support us going forward. The best thing is when somebody rings me in my office and says “this isn’t working” I just say “ring HBP”. That is absolutely the best thing having reliable support.

Chris Harper, Johnstone Insurance

Working with The HBP Group has been a great experience and I would recommend them to other businesses that are looking for an IT provider that takes the time to understand you and come up with the solutions that you want.

Ashley Gamble, CCLG
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