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As a Microsoft Gold Partner (the highest level you can get!) and over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, we are perfectly placed to offer support services to businesses who are looking for a local IT provider in the Lincolnshire area. We also have multiple offices across the UK allowing us to provide local support through our in-house team and our team of field service engineers.

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Local IT Support in Lincolnshire That’s Never Far Away.

The HBP Group is made up of three companies; HBP Systems, Kamarin Computers and Jugo Systems. With office locations across the UK we can offer an extremely high level of service by pooling together our collective skills, knowledge and experience but maintain a local presence to ensure you are supported by an account manager near to your location. Our office in Scunthorpe helps us to provide local IT support to businesses in and around the Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire regions. Here are just a few locations around Lincolnshire that we cover…



Our office in Scunthorpe helps us to provide local IT support to businesses in and around the Scunthorpe and Lincolnshire regions.

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Lincoln Local IT Support


With an office in Lincolnshire we can provide local IT support to businesses in and around Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

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Having worked with hundreds of businesses in Grimsby and the surrounding area, we can help you if you’re based in, or near, Grimsby.

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Other Locations Local IT Support

More Locations

Can’t see your location listed on this page? Don’t worry! We’ve helped businesses all over the UK, so just get in touch to see how we can help.

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The HBP Group Success StoryAdvantage Finance

Advantage Finance provide finance for car loans for used cars, with over 170 staff working for them. See how we supported IT Infrastructure Director. Mike Walker, and his team with proactive IT solutions and their cyber security strategy.

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We wanted to have someone that would understand what Advantage was about, to understand that we didn’t want to pass everything over to them to manage, but to work alongside us.

Mike Walker, IT Infrastructure Director at Advantage Finance

How Our IT Support Service Works

We’ve built our business with a core focus on looking after our customers and ensuring that they never want to leave! That’s why we can boast a 97% customer retention rate and a 99% customer satisfaction score from our completed support tickets – two statistics that are way above the industry average.

But if you’ve been burnt by a poor IT support provider in the past then you may be apprehensive about moving to a new company. If that’s the case then the structured process we use to manage support tickets, assist customers and provide a truly personal style of support should put your mind at risk.

Jo from our IT support team sat at desk smiling

IT Support in Lincolnshire

With a direct line to our IT support team, no receptionist or call handlers will stand in the way of you contacting our support desk, instead you get a direct line to the IT team so you can speak to someone straight away.

Our average call wait time is less than 2 minutes and if you decide to log a call with us online or by email, then we promise a 1 hour response time, although in reality this normally takes 30 minutes max.

Colin and Andy providing IT support while at desk looking at a computer screen

Dedicated IT Support Engineers in Lincolnshire

Unlike smaller IT companies, we don’t mix and match the responsibilities of our team. We have a fully staffed IT support desk that focus entirely on answering customer calls and resolving queries and issues.

That team is supported by a field service team, proactive support team and an installations team, so even when we’re busy in other areas your support ticket will never be ignored.

IT Support team member Darren looking at his tablet while crouching next to a computer server

System Critical Issue Escalation

Sometimes IT goes wrong and when it does, it’s critical for you business that issues are resolved quicker than ever.

If something serious happens that stops your business working then your ticket will be instantly prioritised, our managers and directors will be informed and we’ll start working on the issue straight away, and we won’t stop until we resolve it and you’re back up and running.

Karl sat at a desk talking on the phone and providing IT support to a customer

Managed and Monitored Tickets

The process of managing support tickets and allocating them to our engineers in an efficient manner is a vital component in the high quality of service that we offer.

Ticket volumes are measured in real time so that workload is balanced between engineers and with a simple two-tier support split, allowing us to escalate issues within the team, we can quickly get the right people allocated to the right jobs.

Tony is standing at workbench fixing a computer for one of our IT support customers

Highly Accredited Engineers

The quality of support provided is directly related to the technical ability of our staff, which is why, as a minimum, every one of our IT support engineers is Microsoft accredited as a minimum.

From there we specialise engineers in key areas of IT, so everything from servers, operating systems, Office 365, cyber security, connectivity and phone systems are all covered by a team of experts.

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A Personal Service

To ensure that you have a dedicated point of contact within The HBP Group, we assign you an Account Manager who oversees our support contracts with you. All of our account managers have a huge amount of experience in the IT industry and have all worked in a technical capacity, so they understand IT.

As well as providing regular updates, statistics and reviews of our performance, your account manager will also help you with anything else you need from us.

Helping You Choose The Right IT Support Package For Your Business

Our Free IT Support Review Is The Place To Start

Our IT support and strategy reviews can take place over voice call, video call or in person and will establish the most important things about your business, your current IT system and you future plans.From this initial discussion we can make recommendations, including a visual diagram of your existing, and planned IT system, along with detailed explanations of your proposed solution. It takes around 30-45 mins to have an initial chat and it’s completely free!

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How to choose an IT support company

Choosing an IT support company to partner with requires careful consideration as options can range significantly, as can pricing.

It’s important to think about how you’d like your IT support service to work in practice. Some organisations prefer a very hand-ons approach with their IT company, receiving regular updates on performance, engaging in strategy discussions and working closely on projects and support tickets. Others prefer to pass all IT issues to their IT company and have very little to do with the ongoing process.

Neither option is right, but finding the right company to match your needs is important. A more hands on approach requires an IT company who is highly skilled, accredited and experienced. IT can be a complex area, so you need confidence that your IT partner can not only fix problems, but also feedback to you on potential causes and suggest resolutions for the future.

If you’re looking for a more break-fix approach to IT, then you should ensure that your staff know exactly what numbers to call and the response and fix times they should be expecting. Even if you go down this route, it’s important to pick an IT partner that understand how you’ll work and what you expect, so that everyone is working to a common goal.

Part of your selection process should involve looking at online case studies, company accreditations and understanding the IT company’s approach to their customers. From there, you can shortlist between one and three businesses to speak to.

If you know the details, you should share information about your current IT system, the number of users you have and any issues you’ve experienced, or your reasons for change. It is likely that a remote, or on-site, audit of your IT network will be required to gather all of the information and you will need to provide access to any businesses you wish to carry this out. It’s best to have a good idea of who you’d like to deal with at this stage though so you don’t have to repeat the process over and over again.

Once audited, an IT support company will provide you with a quotation which is likely to include pricing to look after your existing system and some recommendations. Don’t ignore these recommendations! The chances are that the reason you’re looking for a new IT partner is related to some issues on your IT network and a fresh pair of eyes will identify these for you.

Although you’ll need to decide on your own selection criteria, don’t base it purely on price. The IT industry is very much a “get what you pay for” industry, with more experienced and skilled IT companies employing a higher calibre of IT engineer who install systems correctly and can provide quick and accurate support.

Finally, get to know your potential new IT company as best as you can during the selection process. With IT being a critical part of any business you are likely to work with them a lot, so you need to make sure you get on well!

What to look for in an IT support company

Unfortunately, the IT industry is full of jargon, so understanding what a good IT company looks like compared to a bad one can be tricky.

In order to make sure you find out the right IT company to work with, we recommend asking some of the following questions to any potential companies, which you’ll either find on their websites or by speaking to them:

What type of businesses do they normally deal with in terms of size and industry?

  • Look for similarities between the type of companies they normally work with. You might not want to be their biggest customer (potential skill gaps) or their smallest (not seen as important) and if they have an customers in a similar industry, they may understand your challenges better than you do.

What response and fix times do they promise and can they prove that they are delivered?

  • Most IT companies have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) which promises response and fix times. Make sure these match your requirements and ask them to prove them. Any good IT company will have systems in place to manage and monitor their own SLAs.

Do they have an case studies that you can watch/read or reference businesses you can speak to?

  • Although case studies and reference sites are always a little biased (no company interviews their worst customers!), it’s always good evidence that the company is doing a good job if customers are willing to take part in a case study, especially a video case study. Failing that, ask for some reference sites and speak to their customers about their own experiences.

What is the IT support process? How are issues raised and what happens after they are?

  • The support team should be easy to contact, ideally by phone, email or online, and any issues should be fully tracked in an internal system so they can be picked up by any member of staff. You should also be receiving feedback about your issues so you know what’s happening with them.

Who would be your main points of contact in the business if you had a support issue?

  • Ideally, you want to have multiple contacts within the business, outside of the support team. This could be an IT support manager or an IT account manager. These key contacts are vital if you need to discuss anything about your support and you should be provided direct contact to them via email, DDI and/or mobile number.

The HBP GroupWho Are We?

Our organisation consists of three businesses; HBP Systems Ltd. Kamarin Computers Ltd and Jugo Systems. HBP are based in Lincolnshire, Kamarin in Cambridgeshire and Jugo in Hampshire. Between us we cover the vast majority of the UK and work under The HBP Group name to provide a seamless service between our northern and southern offices.

About Us

We specialise in providing IT solutions and support to businesses to ensure they use technology effectively and efficiently and can focus on what they do best – running their business.

The HBP Group Structure showing HBP Systems, Kamarin Computers and Jugo Systems
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