Microsoft 365 Email Migration Pack (365 to 365)

Our Microsoft 365 Email Transfer Baseline Pack (365 to 365) ensures your users have access to their emails, through the takeover of your 365 email tenancy.


What’s included in the Microsoft 365 Email Migration Baseline Pack (365 to 365)?

Our team can assist in ensuring a smooth transition to your email tenancy and whilst work will take place during the working week, we will help to manage any downtime for end-users, and get them moved over to the new system in a timely and structured manner.

This includes:

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  • Transfer of your 365 tenancy and configuration of user devices, which covers the migration of users with existing naming conventions from the existing platform to the new tenancy, so end users can access their emails. This includes a cleanse of inactive mailboxes and users.
  • Configuration of basic network protection, such as malicious and spam email detection and end-user training, stopping the most common types of email attacks, as well as the rollout and configuration of multi-factor authentication across all user accounts and devices.
  • The transition over of domains from the current domain registrar to an HBP-approved registrar, and the continued management and renewal going forward.
  • 3x templated email signature designs to choose between, which include all of the relevant contact, business information, company branding and links applied to 1 x email group.
  • Enablement and configuration of Microsoft 365 backup, with unlimited storage, for easy restoration capabilities of any licenced Microsoft 365 mailboxes Description.
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