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In the right hands Microsoft Power BI is an incredible tool which enables you to create interactive dashboards and report on data from multiple software packages, databases and spreadsheets. By working with our clients we can help craft Power BI reports which provide a level of insight that simply isn’t possible through “built-in” reporting applications.

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Revolutionise Your Reporting and Data Analysis With Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI provides a way of reporting that isn’t possible through most software packages. As well as creating interactive dashboards that can update in real time you can also combine data from multiple sources. So if you want to combine sales opportunity data from your CRM system with financial performance figures from your accounting software, then the two can be linked to analyse metrics such as average order values.

Power BI can offer a truly staggering number of possibilities and often the challenge is understanding what it could do for you. Below we’ve provided some examples of how Microsoft Power BI can be configured using our Microsoft Power BI consulting service which not only configures the relevant database and sets up the reports but also offers training for your staff to update and tweak reports when needed.


Spend Analysis

A spend report can help you analyse the costs of a specific project, department or the entire business. By bringing together data from your finance system, HR systems, spreadsheets and any custom databases you have, you will be analyse the data in a visual way to understand your costs far better than ever before.


Profitablity Analysis

Profitabiltiy reports are particularly useful for analysing your position with specific customers, products or departments. Because data can be combined from stock, sales, finance and customer service systems you’ll be able to truly understand how your costs and revenue meet up and if any key decisions are needed.


HR Analysis

This example of an HR reports enhances the reporting capability of an existing software package by adding a simple way to visualise data that existing in the system in a new way. This helps to understand the trends of your activity and enables to you make better decisions in the future using real time, interactive data dashboards.


Sales Analysis

Because Sales & Marketing data is typically held in CRM systems, the ability to report on other factors affecting it, or resulting from it, can be a challenge. By combining opportunity data with financial figures or external marketing data, for example, you can build up a much more accurate view of your sales opportunities and results.

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Badminton England are the governing body for Badminton, aiming to grow the popularity of the sport and achieve competitive success at international level, including at the Olympics. We worked closely with Badminton England to increase their use of Cloud IT Solutions to maximise efficiencies across their business and to deal with an increased requirement for home and remote working.

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The advice we’ve had has always been very sound and very methodical.

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How we can help with Microsoft Power BI?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner we have a vast amount of experience in offering Microsoft Power BI consultancy services for businesses in a wide range of industries.

Our consultancy service includes the set up and indexing of databases, the building of reports and dashboards as well as training for staff, if required, so that they can edit and update future reports.

The first step of our consultancy process is to discuss your current set up, understand your data and look at the opportunities available that will improve your reporting.

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What can Microsoft Power BI do?

The opportunities that Microsoft Power BI provides are endless. Primarily though, businesses use it to visualise data from multiple data sources, such as business software, databases or spreadsheets.

The type of databases and software packages that can be analysed include Accounts Software, ERP Software, MRP Software, CRM Software, Helpdesk Software, Custom Databases, Spreadsheets and Marketing Analytics packages.

Ultimately, if a database can be accessed then we can find a way to report on it. Even for legacy and older systems there are normally options to export data to a separate database or Excel spreadsheet which can then be imported into Microsoft Power BI.

If you’d like to check on your set up and whether or not Power BI would work for your business, just get in touch.

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