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Before you decide to make any changes to your business phone system, or communications systems, make sure you request our Free Comms Review. It’ll give you a complete understanding of your existing phone system and the communication methods used within your business and suggests ways to improve them. It’s simple to request and we do the work for you!

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We’ll analyse your existing set up and help you establish the key elements required for the best communication systems to use within your business. Want to know more?

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How Does It Work?

Our Free Communications and Phone System Review is simple to request and provides you information about how your phone system is currently set up, where issues may be occurring and how to resolve them, particularly if you’re looking at implementing a new phone system or communications solution.

HBP Group IT Support and Installations

1) We Talk

Our Free Communications Review starts with a short conversation with one of our expert IT consultants, where we’ll understand how you currently work, how your phone system is set up and any concerns you might have.

HBP Group IT Support and Installations

2) We Audit

After you’ve provided us with details and, if required, access to your phone system, one of our highly skilled engineers will audit your existing set up, looking for issues or potential issues within your system.

HBP Group IT Support and Installations

3) We Feedback

We’ll feedback to you in person, or by video call, in way that’s easy to understand, no matter what your level of IT knowledge, so you can see how your business is currently protected and what else you should be doing.

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BG Solicitors has been supporting families through the milestones of life for decades. The northern Lincolnshire firm can trace its roots back to 1944, since when it has been helping with conveyancing for house moves, getting affairs in order by making a will, seeking commercial legal advice or help with separation, divorce or child custody when relationships falter.

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They’re good people to deal with. They’re helpful. They understand our needs. The support was excellent. They go the extra mile for us.

Helen Kent, BG Solicitors

Our Phone System & Communication Solutions

Our range of solutions to help businesses with their communications cover everything from phone systems, video conferencing, live chat, mobile phones, internet connectivity and cabling. With everything covered you’ll be able to focus on running your business and talking to the people you need to, whenever you need to, however you need to.

HBP Group IT Support and Installations

Avaya IP Office

Designed for small and medium sized businesses, Avaya IP Office is an on-premise phone system which offers a wide range of functionality including calls, conferencing and messaging.

HBP Group IT Support and Installations

Avaya Cloud Office

A cloud-based communications system which includes voice, voice, instant chat and conference which provides flexibility for businesses looking to embrace cloud technology.

HBP Group IT Support and Installations

M365 Business Voice

If you’re already using Microsoft Teams then 365 Business Voice is a simple solution to turn it into a full phone system for your business with customisable call packages and all of the features of Teams.

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Mobile Phones

To complete your communications package we can provide mobile handsets and mobile contracts from the three leading providers in the UK – EE, O2 and Vodafone.

The HBP GroupWho Are We?

Our organisation consists of three businesses; HBP Systems Ltd. Kamarin Computers Ltd and Jugo Systems. HBP are based in Lincolnshire, Kamarin in Cambridgeshire and Jugo in Hampshire. Between us we cover the vast majority of the UK and work under The HBP Group name to provide a seamless service between our northern and southern offices.

About Us

We specialise in providing IT solutions and support to businesses to ensure they use technology effectively and efficiently and can focus on what they do best – running their business.

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